Revised FEMA Flood Insurance Deal & Thurs. News

It could go into effect next month –

New Orleans Times-PicayuneFEMA’s high-risk premium guidelines described as disheartening by Cedric Richmond
[snip] . . . Here’s some of what FEMA said in its brief report for homeowners in high- risk areas.

  •     For people in homes four feet below the agency’s base-flood elevation, premiums would be $9,500 a year.
  •     For individuals with homes at FEMA’s base-elevation levels, the rates would be $1,410 a year.
  •     Those with homes three feet above base-flood elevation would pay only $427 a year.

Outspoken retired General Honorè would like to share this with everyone; the EPA manual on how to improve oversight on state issues.

DNR has today’s inspection report.

There was a giant quake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, half way between Brazil & Africa, that showed up on the Bayou Corne helicorders. Walter caught that one.

We don’t know what’s  going on with the helicorders at Lake FUBAR. There are so MANY far away, large earthquakes they could be upsetting the frail flowers down those boreholes in Bayou Corne. Or everything could be rattling apart. This is LA14


2.8 quake in Dennard, Arkansas < MAP  . . . it is near a nuke plant rad_Y_tiny


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13 thoughts on “Revised FEMA Flood Insurance Deal & Thurs. News

  1. I can’t account for the 31st Aug, 1st & 2nd Sept because there was no APPJ blog post on those dates…

    But if those 3 dates where also ‘code 3’ then today is the TENTH straight day on ‘RED ALERT’, something of a record ( a dubious one ) for Lake Fubar.

    So how many more days is it going to take, do you think, before they realise that the games changed, and Lake Fubar has gone from being ‘unhealthy to be around ‘, to being ‘decidedly dangerous’.

    Lake Fubar, she aint playing no more. Those big quakes are ‘ringing her bell’ and I sense that it’s only a matter of time, before something get’s moved, that we all wish wasn’t.

    A month or two ago, those 5+ quakes wouldn’t have registered on the helicorders…

    But now, they’re ringing that saltdome like a group of English church bellringers on ‘speed’.

    Things have changed, and NOT for the better.

    • and ….they used to play ‘catch up’ by continuously raising the height of the berms. So are they sagging or what?
      No photos in 2&1/2 mos.!

  2. Mittensmitten, this site will allow you to see the different volcanos. Usually, the webcams are still-pictures that update every 20-30 seconds. I’ve checked some of the webcams prior to sending this link, and some cams had some water drops on the lenses and some were cloudy. Don’t forget the time change for daylight viewing.

    Volcano Webcams of the World

    Alaska (United States)

    AVO has a multitude of webcams –and the ability to watch multiple webcams simultaneously.

    •Akutan – info – webcam
    •Augustine –info –webcams: Island | Lagoon | Low light | from
    •Homer Cleveland – info – webcam
    •Edgecumbe –info –webcam
    •Fourpeaked – info – webcam
    •Iliamna –info –webcam
    •Katmai – info – webcam
    •Makushin –info –webcam
    •Okmok –info –webcam
    •Pavlof – info – webcam
    •Redoubt –info –webcams: Hut | DFR | CI | a
    Anchorage Weathercam
    •Shishaldin – info – webcam
    •Spurr – info –webcams: Unocal | CKT Ugashik-•Peulik – info – webcam
    •Veniaminof –info –webcam

    • don’t know … If ever she did that I saw I would have tagged her name.
      I think only Jindal for high up pols who ever went.
      6.9 QUAKE in California!!

      • Maybe she knows her Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:8: “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it;….” Still waiting. Maybe why no high level people will go near WIPP or the sinkhole?

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