As Hurricane Season Starts Gulf of Mexico is Full of Non-Working Data Buoys


Map from NOAA’s Nat’l Data Bouy Center.  A lot of them are supposed to be run by oil companies. Like this dud.


7 thoughts on “As Hurricane Season Starts Gulf of Mexico is Full of Non-Working Data Buoys

  1. NOAA is not maintain buoys–waiting for OBAMAS 2014 budget for broker or needed maint..too bad and could be harmful to the general public (thats us gals and guys..) When the USCG gets more calls for help from boaters..because the weather forcasted was incorrect ..wonder if they will ask the boaters to wait for a new budget… you think this is to make people unhappy and vote for OBAMA? Or to force his 2013 budget loss down our throats…Wait in line to take a bet folks. Better to fire a few political crony appointments and use THEIR six digit salaries to pay for the bouy maint!

    • I only found out oil companies run some of the buoys by looking at that map today. I always though some gov. agency did all that stuff. And the ones on the fritz may be part of a drilling contract (I am concluding) as give back for the right to drill.
      So why aren’t oil companies forced to maintain these important data-buoys?
      I think they are getting away with something.


    There was also a 6.0 off Costa Rico. Now some call it a country but it is really a small grouping of very active volcanos. (See Pic On Link) Now I realize many are not familiar with Cayce but he got hundreds of predictions correct. It will sounds like bullocks to most people not familiar with him but he predicts those volcanos around that area will open up a channel which will connect the Pacific ocean with the Caribbean and cause havoc with the gulf stream and climate.

    As far as Japan he predicted that most of the islands will go under the sea …. yeah 52 nuclear plants!

    • I looked at that today but it is on the Pacific side along with all the Chile quakes.
      But that string of Central Amer. volcanoes all seem to be shuddering and puffing.
      They are on the RSOE map.

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