Highway 70 has ‘abnormality’

Assumption Parish Police Jury blog announcement –

1:05 p.m. Update from DOTD


Assumption Parish Sinkhole Status (9/5/2013)

  • On 9/4/2013, DOTD became aware of a small area in the pavement surface which has become deformed
  • This area is located on LA 70 approximately 1/2 mile east of the Bayou Corne Bridge
  • In the eastbound lane, it is a circular area about 2 feet in diameter and about 1 inch high
  • In the westbound lane, there are two small ridges across the lane about ½” high.  The ridges are about 10 feet apart
  • All previous survey control points along LA 70 are being re-surveyed and compared to the original and last vertical survey data. . . . (more)

The DOTD has done a lot of measuring and paying-attention since this started so we don’t think they missed anything on their watch. It’s just got something going on below … we guess. Thanks to David Humphreys for sending this one in – 😉

Recent Advocate article about detour plans – Sinkhole fears spur La. 70 realignment plans

Sept. 8 The AdvocateRoad near sinkhole deformed  < photo but NO map …
Updates will go here . . .


4 thoughts on “Highway 70 has ‘abnormality’

  1. And all the property owners will be fully reembursed for all damages by Texas Brine and LA –BEFORE any funding is diverted to fix Hwy 70-RIGHT? Hate to be so sarcastic, but have not heard very good things about how property owners/renters/business owners –are being protected from this Texas Brine caused disaster. Or did I miss a headline??

    • Supposedly, according to docs from DOTD, Texas Brine will later (cough, cough) re-reimburse DOTD for all this measuring, inspecting and everything. They have made zero payments so far to DOTD even though they’ve racked up big expenses. I think. If they paid it was without announcement.

  2. It looks like it’s kicking off again – 15:06 CDT & 16:30 CDT – BIG TIME, no earthquake activity that I can find, so it may be internal this time.

    It is showing up on most of the other helicorders, though not always as waves.

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