All Quiet, Almost & Friday Chex-Mix

7 P.M. CST – scratch that “All QUIET” headline . . .


Morning report:  Lake FUBAR calmed down overnight. Something happened at 4 a.m. – showing on all helicorders. Hang on! At noon, CST,  heli_button
Lake FUBAR seems to be snufin’ and srortin’ with seismic activity.

WAFB is following the story – Seismic activity reported at giant Louisiana sinkhole

LINK – < he points out LA17-02 is pretty bonkers(!!)

Texas has a 3rd quake. ABC KLTV News report.

The many large ones off Costa Rica have been out in the Pacific.

Good News! Texas Brine says the water at Lake FUBAR isn’t polluting the area waterways. =whew!=  . . .  and we were worried! . . . Also they are falling back on their old “swamp gas” story.


Friday Chex-Mix  – not really salt dome disaster news but of interest

KLFY – Vermilion Parish – Two years after an explosion destroyed its New Iberia facility, a new multi-chem blending plant officially opened. Located on 64 acres in Vermilion Parish, the plant will be used to blend and mix raw materials into products.

The Watchers – Landsat satellites data released for online access – Landsat 8 now accessible in near-real time < register at ESA to use it.

We found a few things –

Get more white papers from the ESA site by entering “Gulf of Mexico” in the search box on the right corner her


10 thoughts on “All Quiet, Almost & Friday Chex-Mix

  1. Heads up, Hwy 70 may be starting to ‘bow out’…

    Assumption Parish Police Jury

    September 6, 2013
    1:05 p.m. Update from DOTD



    Assumption Parish Sinkhole Status (9/5/2013)

    Recent Developments

    On 9/4/2013, DOTD became aware of a small area in the pavement surface which has become deformed
    This area is located on LA 70 approximately 1/2 mile east of the Bayou Corne Bridge
    In the eastbound lane, it is a circular area about 2 feet in diameter and about 1 inch high
    In the westbound lane, there are two small ridges across the lane about ½” high. The ridges are about 10 feet apart

      • Do you remember the ‘proposed’ detour that appeared on here several months back ??

        Would you like to take a WILD guess as to where the said detour was supposed to rejoin Hwy 70 ??

        I’ll give you a clue, though I doubt you’ll need it ;)…

        It’s 0 to 30 meters from the deformations.

      • old posts here about that can easily be found using the search box… use tags “hwy 70”, “highway 70” or “DOTD” tags.

        This detour idea will be a mess anyway according to the recent article in the advocate. I’ll fetch it and add the link.

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