Quake in South West Part of Gulf of Mexico – Updated

It is on ANF map. The art suggests it was under 2M.  Here is a screen shot in case they erase it.


LAT– LONG– 420 time– DATE—- – location——— ———–
20.0611 -93.4366 420 00:19:47 September 2nd, 2013 UTC Bay Of Campeche, Eastern North America ANF:mcwhite

We are worried that quakes may begin to disappear from the ANF map as readily as they do from the USGS maps. At ~ 8 a.m. EST this morning (7 a.m. CST)  there was a large magnitude quake near Cuba in the Caribbean that has disappeared from the ANF map. It was 4.8M. And we didn’t do a screen grab. Curses!

We won’t put it on the map yet with all the Gulf quakes as it is far away from those fault lines.


Tony G.  noticed they revised the info.




20 thoughts on “Quake in South West Part of Gulf of Mexico – Updated

  1. Ok small one by Guatemala on Gulf side on ANA map and another on the opposite site 6.5 on USGS map. I do not know how to screen grab.

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