NEW Slough In – 9:50 a.m. Parish Blog Update

Slough-In above, CAVE-IN below!

official MAP of the area of the slough-in.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Another slough in occurred overnight on the northern side of the sinkhole. The slough in took approximately 3/4 of the north work pad and trees to the north of the sinkhole. It is estimated to be about a section of 50′ x 75′ on the north side of the sinkhole. A short video of this area will be posted on our You tube site. Although this section is on the north side, it does not jeopardize the north berm or Hwy 70 at this time. A map of the area will be posted as well to show the area. We will keep everyone posted as things develop.

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18 thoughts on “NEW Slough In – 9:50 a.m. Parish Blog Update

    • got that. 18 seconds! wow! real great reporting!
      I am working on map comparing Hwy 70 ‘thing’ 1/2 mile east of bridge over Bayou Corne and the slough in map….

      • Chk link to Map, please. I was up most of last night speaking with folks down there…told them a slough in or a cave in was happening… I get tired of being right. Since so many felt it, I am still saying this was more of a cave in.

      • OK — the map is up on weekend news with the big Mex quake.
        I drew on the Highway 70 map first. It is just near the edge of the houses. And I drew the slough in real big on another map. The Hwy 70 map had a legend in feet so measurement should be pretty near the spot. It might be a quarter acre wrong … but near the spot.
        Locals could take a picture/film of it and put it on YouTube to get exact info out.

  1. I love the official MAP of the area of the slough-in.

    I know things are getting BAD, but I hadn’t realise just how bad…

    So is it official then… Lake Fubar has swallowed not only the Gulf coast, but also…

    the Gulf of Mexico.
    Central America.
    the Caribbean.
    and a large chunk of South America.


    I wonder if this will wake the MSM up 😉

      • A distance of 550 meters, not really that far.

        Now, I may be wrong, but that ‘deformation’ of Hwy 70 doesn’t appear to be above the salt-dome.

        We could do with pictures of the deformation, because the description is rather vague.

        Does the road rise up half an inch continue for 10 feet then drop back down… Does it drop down then rise back up ?

        Or does it rise up, and then rise up again after ten feet, like a step. And which side is highest ?

        Or is it two very thin ridges ten feet apart, that are like anorexic speed bumps ?

        If this deformation is connected to the recent increase in activity at Lake Fubar, then this information may be of importance.

        And another thing they may like to check…

        Are there similar deformations on the other roads near the points where they cross on to the salt-dome ?

      • Now this conjecture is probably a bit on the WILD side, but…

        If the salt-dome had eroded to the point that sections of the cap-rock above it could sink sink down a distance of about a couple of inches, would anybody notice ??

        There wouldn’t be any ring of subsidence in the earth, that you’d have on dry land, because there isn’t any, the water and swamp muck would fill in the depression, and any increase in apparent water level up the sides of the berm would be put down to rainfall, if it’s noticed at all.

        The increase / decrease in elevation of an inch or less in the berms wouldn’t be noticed because they’re to soft, any vehicle crossing the boundary would erase it.

        In fact the only ways that it would be noticed would be if the ‘height above sea-level’ was checked, and I can’t see that happening.

        Or if a rigid structure crossed the boundary. A rigid structure like a building, which would show cracks in the walls, but there are few of those in the area.

        Or a road, like Hwy 70. If the part of the cap-rock under Hwy 70 & the sinkhole had started to sink, then the deformations would be right where I’d expect damage to occur.


        As I said it’s on the WILD side, and I fully expect you lot to disagree with me, but there has been a vast uptick in activity, and despite TB’s delusional claims that it’s heading south, Lake Fubar seems to be heading north.

  2. I think I know what Lake Fubar has her eye on…

    Most of us who get a little peckish would head for the cream cakes ( I’m NOT naming names here 😉 ) but not Lake Fubar.

    If you draw a line from the middle of the sinkhole, straight through the latest slough-in’s it hits the ‘Fun Factory’ dead centre, and oddly enough passes through a section of Hwy 70 that ( I vaguely remember ) has subsided slightly.

    It’s probably just a coincidence.

    • most have been betting on the west berm sinking. . . at the roulette table.
      I wonder if home insurance companies have been sending reps out to look at that ‘thing’ on Hwy 70.

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