6.6 Quake – Pacific side of Mexico – – Wild Weekend Ahead!

6.6 QUAKE near Chiapas, Mexico – on the Pacific coast. Near, sort of the other quakes on that side this week.  LIST.


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Exciting (18 second) video of today’s tree brunch –

[ EMBED DISABLED 😦 ]     LINK –  http://youtu.be/_cn4pGO56Yk


Let’s compare the (aprox.) location of the Highway 70 “abnormality”, a half mile east of the B.C. bridge and today’s tree brunch.

bridge_abnorm   |    Sept7_sloughinMap   |  giant map with legend showing feet

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE       1/2 mile = 2640 feet

We often get notes from readers who are interested in Edgar Cayce and similar ideas of predicting earthquakes through time cycles etc. that are a little unorthodox but seem to show a track record of reliability. In that light, we are steering that segment of our readers to this (sent in):   The GOD-CODE MATRIX of 188 …. LEY LINES on Earth from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-Quakes

New Madrid Fault Zone Watch –

  • 2.6 quake at Damascus, Arkansas < MAP  < near the nuke plant rad_Y_tiny
  • 2.0 quake at Blytheville, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.8 quake at Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP

. . . first one Dutchsince says was from fracking


All sorts of grumbling down below at Lake FUBAR. Keep an eye on it!     heli_button


10 thoughts on “6.6 Quake – Pacific side of Mexico – – Wild Weekend Ahead!

  1. I’m just speculating about the causes of the HWY 70 deformities. I read that there were 2′ diameter indents in the road. I can’t find the 26 August–I think–article about the mysterious explosion, with soot covered workers. I’m pretty sure the event occurred in the same general area as the HWY 70 deformities, just north of HWY 70. If there is an ongoing, underground fire bellow the highway in the addition to temperatures in the low 90’s, that would account for the asphalt melting leaving those two stability beams exposed. The indents could also be caused from the asphalt melting between road supports. I don’t have a picture and I don’t know if the section of highway under question is made of asphalt.
    I’ve read about a large amount of natural gas in this area.
    I was thinking about subsidence, but then the road surface would be more likely to crack.

  2. That incident conserning the well incident in which at least one employee, John Bourdeaux, was seen with soot on his body must have been scrubbed from archives. The incident occured 26 August. I even checked all August articles to make sure I searched more than enough dates. I’m sure of the date because I was waiting to see if this incident would show up on
    http://www.naturalgaswatch.org/ which only had stories listed for the week of 19 August at that time. Freedomrox mentioned this event to you, Flyingcuttlefish.

    • oh, ya know I think I remember that. Is that when the ‘grout’ exploded?
      It was in the comments then … posted by Freedmrox.
      But that was up in someone’s backyard … by Crawfish Lane or whatever.

  3. I checked through the August archives for the article on the well incident. I checked the entire month of August to make sure I searched more than enough. The article looks to have been scrubbed from your archives. I know the date was 26 August. I was waiting to see if the incident was reported on
    http://www.naturalgaswatch.org/, which was only on the week of 19 August. Freedomrox tipped you on this welll incident occuring Flyingcuttlefish.

    • I didn’t erase anything for August.
      Most items like that I would have tagged with Highway 70 or with DOTD. Are you sure it was my blog?
      I don’t remember a crash ever on Hwy 70 reported here.

      • I don’t think you errased the story. We are dealing with TPTB.
        I’m not talking about a crash. I’m talking about a well fire that might have gotten out of hand and could now be an underground fire. This may cause the asphalt to melt. Subsidence could also be a culprit. As earlier stated, a picture would help decide the cause. Talk to Freedomrox, he forwarded the residents tip to you.

      • OK. I didn’t recall a car crash. There is a photo in the 2nd Advocate story. It looks like holes from a circus tent when they pull up the stakes.

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