Russian View of the Bayou Corne Disaster

From The Map of Russia – The Concept of Social Security (in Russian)

Google Translation (English) – Metastases of the Gulf of Mexico

This is genocide. This is a problem of the whole state. Arsenic and other contaminants in the water [… has] more, and the situation is getting worse.
  – – Sen. Fred Mills, about what is happening on the lake. Pener and Bayou Corne.

The failure, which bring forth the abyss

In this part of the review, we will study in detail chronicled sprawl giant sinkhole in Louisiana, which recently marked one year. Especially that usually gets there first until Wikipedia is stingy with information . American geologists say that nowhere in the world is nothing like this has ever been observed . Behind the phenomenon of the Bayu-Korn even stuck the title of “Mother of all karst failures.” Meanwhile, the failure of this creeps “methane gin”, which is powerless against the American army and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. . . .

 . . . .  According to geologists, it looks as if on the periphery of the dome in the entrance area of tectonic faults began pressurization associated with some deep processes. This process leads to a change in direction and velocity of groundwater and karst formation dips. Perhaps in the case of the cave Hydroxy-3 was provoked all job making Texas Brine from the end of 2009 (crimping salt caves and their extension with hot steam and water).

Through local tectonic faults gases and liquid hydrocarbons began to move upward in the section to the surface and made ​​contact with the underground flow of the Mississippi Delta. Began “spread” of the gases in the area. Best of all outputs of methane and its associated gases were visible on the water of rivers, channels, wetlands, and then most of the karst lake. Sometimes 30 meters from residential buildings . However, numerous fixed gas sensors and the “dry” areas under the foundations of buildings, and in open areas. . . .


Against the background of alarm on the part of Texas Brine occurred strange resignation and appointment of the Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources ( without explanation of reasons). But the main thing: the ministry for over a year knew about the emergency situation in the salt dome, and yet issued a permit for injection of radioactive waste in the production of a salt dome.
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24 thoughts on “Russian View of the Bayou Corne Disaster

  1. Looking at the concept of the dome being eroded I just wondered if the water table has been checked for some idea of any volumes of water being drawn into the cavern, then perhaps an estimate could be made of just what can be expected as to the volume and rate of possible dissolving occurring.

    If any water from the aquifers, or as a said the water table in general is happening then could this destabilise the whole area? Could we begin to see further subsidence.?

    Just speculating, please feel free to put me straight on the geophysics of such a possibility and whether I’ve gone of at to great a tangent.

    • I am not geophysics expert but I do assume at this point all regulatory agencies that would serve as a “check” against dangerous oil & gas operations are compromised in Louisiana. Either through future job offers or bribes or however.
      The “fix” is in.

      The people in positions of responsibility are not dummies.
      They are simply criminals.

      • As I have stated so many times before, it was a well known fact in the Solution Mining Industry that several Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns were mined too close to the Salt, and that Shale detection proved this. Now, there is NO DOUBT! Even the UK knew that Oxy 3, Oxy 1, and Oxy 2 were prone to failure in 1998, as stated within this 2008 white paper! Now, let’s see how LDEQ LDNR, and Conservation, Texas Brine, Occidental and Bobby Jindal wants to try to Spin this one!

        “2.2.1 Discussion
        Two cases of problems encountered at salt cavern facilities (Clovelly and Napoleanville,
        Louisiana) were due to insufficient site characterisation [Evans, 2007], with the caverns having been built too close to the edge of a salt dome such that there was not enough salt ‘buffer’. In terms of the UK, this is not really an issue onshore, as there are no halokinetic structures developed. However, similar problems may be caused in cases with a previously unknown large fault, producing an offset of the bedded salt beds, that might be close by a facility, potentially intersecting or impacting on the cavern walls.
        In several of the other incidents, where no release occurred, the shape of the cavity has changed over time due to the operating technique employed at those particular sites. Had operators been monitoring data such as the cavity volume, cavity pressure or stored gas volumes, these situations may not have occurred. Adherence to the European Standard [BSI, 1998c] would require a facility operator to monitor and record these data.

      • well heck! That author thinks it’s valid!
        Soon we will see which illustration called it best. Unfortunately! 😦
        I find Bayou Corne of big interest on European forums, this Russian site and across the world. So how does DNR (ministry of natural resources 😉 ) think their little scheme is going to avoid detection with the world watching their every move???

      • With all the Study’s uncovered, and with all the Scientific Evidence at hand…I accuse the State of Louisiana with Willful Negligence, Conspiracy, and Collusion with Occidental, Texas Brine in the known collapse of Oxy Geismar Cavern 3, and the ecological and geological destruction of a good portion of Assumption Parish.

      • Btw, I can feel another article coming on, and once I tie in all of this…there will be no doubt. We need a grassroots movement to charge these bastards with criminal charges.

      • LEAN already has one in the works.
        Maybe contact Louisiana branch of National Lawyers’ Guild.
        They are very good.

      • It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong. -Voltaire

        I believe everything you say but we have to look outside the box on this one. What’s done is done and what is going to happen will but when? Some one is driving this beyond the state and local level. This stinks all the way across the country, perhaps beyond. This is just one of the many devices that can trigger our demise. Many of the others are mentioned here. If this was the only thing on the table I would lead the charge, but it’s not and I say right now the best we can do monitor and watch for the time it will give way. Give as much advanced notice as we can to get folks out of here. God will deal with these people that are responsible, this is his planet and we are stewards of it. The legal fight is over, now we must fight to keep people alive.

  2. I totally enjoyed reading this interesting Russian perspective. I see that at the end there is a comment about what is in part 2- trumpet sounds from the sky. Having watched several videos where people have recorded these sounds that do in fact sound like trumpets, I would like to read what the Russians have to say about this. I don’t see how to link to it. Can anyoen tell me where the link is?

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  4. Hi Guys
    Yep people are taking an interest from all over the world, I myself from the UK.

    Have been following the updates for over a month now and still find it hard to get over the complete negligence and incompetence of the State and industry involved.
    Have seen some estimates for how large the sinkhole could get on some sites which seem to take into account only the size of the salt cavern being filled, this would surly only work if what was entering was dry material. As the conceptual diagram shows fresh water dissolves salt (very well) and will have the same volume once it is saturated thus making the hole bigger allowing more water in (repeat till no water or salt left).
    This you guys already know but could this have been stopped or slowed down if action had been taken early on by filling the cavern with salt to saturate any water that had entered stopping it from becoming this self perpetuating MONSTER.

    • If you want to know the whole story on why Louisiana is so corrupt throughout its history see the ‘Video’ section in the sidebar and watch “Petrochemical America”. It explains how these companies exploited workers from far back.

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