This is an unprecedented event, and no one knew this could ever happen.”

That is the catch-phrase that has been mouthed by Louisiana State Office of Conservation, and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

Dr. Gary Hecox of Shaw, (CB&I now), first stated this, and it has made the rounds of Texas Brine’s Sonny Cranch, Patrick Couregges, all the way down to John Beaudreaux with Assumption Parish’s Dept. of Homeland Security, Office of Emergency Preparedness. Except it is a known lie.

In this short article I will attempt to show you all the evidence that puts the lies to the lips of the various speakers making this absurd claim. Although an unprecedented event, it was actually absolutely expected….



12 thoughts on “WHO KNEW? EVERYONE! EXCEPT THE VICTIMS! – By Freedomrox

  1. From reading the article, you are very correct–everyone knew..but the victims. Good summation of facts and collection of data.
    Meanwhile the US government worries about Syria–they need to focus on USA citizens in and around Bayou Corne, you know..the people who need help. Any LA elected official, congressman or senator who ignores their own constituents for Far East Face time, they got to go in 2013/2014. Make sure you are signed up to vote..and vote them all out.

  2. Oh and don’t forget Dublin that rather focus all their resources on they current problem they bid for and get the 2020 Olympics, good to know that they have their priorities right.

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