Ideas About BP/Macondo Being No Accident

Ideas here relate to the Deepwater Horizon drill site area being responsible for the Bayou Corne disaster by sending methane up to Lake FUBAR through fissures.

Also – ideas here speculate that some 1%er scurrilous dogs think destroying the Gulf coast and deliberately setting off a New Madrid Fault Zone quake II would be good for their bulging pocketbooks.

We already know:

  • BP’s version of what happened at the Deepwater Horizon is fabricated.
  • The Bayou Corne disaster was “allowed” to happen by the highest officials in Louisiana.
  • No official entity in the world is looking at oil traders enriching themselves off of disaster capitalism.

When people discuss the false flag attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the disrupted attack on Washington DC they group themsevles into two schools of thought, referring to the  G. W. Bush administration, “made it happen (mihop) and “let it happen” (lihop).
This page about the Bayou Corne disaster and BP disaster is in the MIHOP school.

Nexus magazine article : Military Emergency in the Gulf of Mexico

A Russian View of the Bayou Corne Disaster

The Worst Case Scenario Unfolding


Henning Kemner You Tube channel

LINK – < after 50 min. he talks about Bayou Corne

More on the Biloxi Dome


6 thoughts on “Ideas About BP/Macondo Being No Accident

  1. Just to point out 35000 feet is not 11 miles, is 6.6 miles (still dam deep). Also I think the dates indicated on the certificates are expiry dates not issued dates I.e. next annual inspection date.

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