New Fly Over Videos & Tuesday News

We added onto the post about the south-of-Gulf of Mexico quakes to include a N.O. area quake that happened on Aug. 2nd.
We added a note to the explosions index page  about the article “Too Big to Fool” (BP) and the Bayou Corne connection in that theory.
And we added a lot to last Friday’s news page in case you missed it. It has a 3rd quake in Texas there.

Since they have resumed work at Lake FUBAR we won’t pay attention to the helicorders until quittin’ time, after dark. We got fooled yesterday.

We are paying attention to the tropical weather in the lower Gulf of Mexico.  NOAA Map.

The Parish has new fly over videos – (total: 1:31!)




California – PG&E to pay $565 million to victims in San Bruno pipeline explosion

MORE here later . . .


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