New Madrid Zone Very Active This Past Week + Wed. News


We copied this map from ANF  today:



South of the Gulf quake: 4.4 in Columbia < MAP

(9-12) a 5.1  quake in El Salvador, but on the Pacific side.  MAP

NOTE: The RSS feed on the sidebar has headlines from ‘Coastal Protection‘. They do a good job covering the FEMA insurance issue and the fight about the levees in Louisiana. Check those headlines for those topics.

Bayou Buzz – Flood authority pokes at Jindal, Oil, Gas and Pipeline industries on lawsuit

[snip] ” . . . . In obtaining these permits the oil, gas and pipeline companies agreed to comply with state and federal regulations, including regulations obligating them “to prevent bank slumping and erosion, and saltwater intrusion,” “to maintain natural water flow regimes,” “to minimize adverse environmental impacts,” to clear, revegetate, detoxify, and otherwise restore affected sites “as near as practicable to their original condition upon termination of operations to the maximum extent practicable,” and to “backfill[ ] or otherwise restore[ ] to the pre-existing conditions upon cessation of use for navigation purposes to the maximum extent practicable.” These requirements are taken from sections 705i, 705j, 705n, 719d, 719j and 719m respectively of Title 43 of the Louisiana Administrative Code. . . .

. . . . The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA) is applying political pressure on state officials in the hope that they will withdraw approval of the SLFPA-E’s retention of its counsel. In so doing, industry officials are sidestepping discussion of their responsibilities under the permits issued to them and the regulations governing those permits.

There is no doubt that the work of these companies has weakened our natural hurricane and flood defenses. As Bob Bea, a former chief offshore engineer with Shell Oil Co. and the head of the National Science Foundation study team that investigated the Katrina disaster, noted in July, 2006 affidavit on behalf of the state of Louisiana, ‘There is clear evidence that past and current oil and gas activities have made and continue to make substantial contributions to degradations in the natural defenses against hurricane surges and waves in coastal Louisiana. In several important cases, it was the loss of these natural defenses that contributed to the unanticipated breaches of flood protection facilities that protected the greater New Orleans area during Hurricane Katrina and led to repeated flooding during Hurricane Rita.’



20 thoughts on “New Madrid Zone Very Active This Past Week + Wed. News

  1. The dogs be howling off and on since the W. Virginia earthquake today. Thank goodness Edgar Cayce decided Virginia Beach is a safe place to live after the “split” and melt of the ice sheets. While saying this with a bit of sarcasm, with all the mess of Bayou Corne and the Gulf of Mexico–guess its as good a plan for safely as any. Pretty bad when one has to read online for warnings and rely on three little 12 lb dogs howling.

    • Everyone needs to quick – get a dog!
      Scared myself bald today … watching 2nd half of that long Hemming Kemner video…

  2. M 4.2 – 12km NE of Colonia Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico

    DYFI? – I
    Time2013-09-11 09:55:54 UTC-05:00Location28.475°N 105.539°WDepth10.0km

  3. OMG! Crosstex has completely filled up Cavern 2 to empty all Isobutane out of Cavern 1:
    Report Date – 08/10/2012 – 12:00 am to 12:00 pm
    Current Operations Status
    -Well #1 – 18,408 bbls – moving isobutane out of well #1@~700 bph
    -Well #2 – 934,893 bbls of normal butane – normal operations
    Current Objectives
    -Well #1 – emptying well #1 of isobutane
    -Well #2 – normal operations
    Proposed Objectives
    -Well #1 – emptying well #1 of isobutane
    -Well #2 – normal operations

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