5:50 p.m. Shallow Gas Plan


Out of an abundance of caution Crosstex will be allowed to pump as much butane into their iffy-integrity cavern as they can!

Their most recent report


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Review of information gathered in the CPT/MIHPT with through spring and summer to identify gas extent and gathering points in the subsurface in and around the Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou area has revealed an opportunity to provide a barrier to gas migration to surface and reduce the near-term potential for gas concentration below slabs or within home and other structures in the community. That opportunity has led to development of a three-tiered approach to accelerate the effort to cut off the flow of gas below the community – one that could provide observable results within weeks instead of years.

The three-tier effort – simultaneously attacking gas above the aquifer, within the aquifer and below the aquifer – to be carried out by Texas Brine under the oversight and guidance of Assumption Parish Incident Command the state Department of Natural Resources, and the Blue Ribbon Commission, will include intercepting gas in the…

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18 thoughts on “5:50 p.m. Shallow Gas Plan

  1. hum…”near-term potential for gas concentration”, well at least they are agreeing there is a gas danger to the community. Friday public meeting will be interesting. Wonder how many pumps they are talking about..and where they will be put? No noise? No danger? The company who builds the pumps must have lots of insurance for problems caused by their equipment….or damage. Browsing the internet on the devices should be interesting…to see success, implementation, safety..etc. Loading/offloading methane gases..dont think this is a risk free effort. Just saying…

  2. Good news, I read very very fast, and technical documents too. So..one company says 3 LITERS an hour, recovered about 10,000 LITERS. How many thousands of liters are at Bayou Corne, and how many bubbling locations? The report was a few years ago, and a more recent article and PICTURE of said system is here, along with contact information if Freedomfox or FC wants to check in with them(if someone is going to the public meeting). Company was in business (2008). Note the gas recovery tank. Its used for fracking oil and vapors..single locations. Expensive too…

    • hmmm… wonder who is on their board of directors? Anyone from the Jindal administration?
      What about the methane not being static,… but stedily increasing as note on this blog?

  3. EPA description, use is with one or two pumps per well…there are a LOT of wells..http://www.epa.gov/oust/cat/dualphas.htm
    I do not think this works well with a highly fractured site like the sinkhole..and in my mind..a vacume extraction process..like sucking a straw..might pull out the gas..and other stuff like a cork. Has this technology EVER been used with a sinkhole disaster before? The collected methane gases also have to be stored, or flared off…so where is that done? Someone’s basement..(sarcasm). I hope the releases signed by property owners covered this contingency and they will not have 24/7 pumps running near homes/public areas.
    Isnt there a requirement from EPA on distances needed for public safety with methane and hydrocarbon collection? One more rule to research…

    • For some reason, I’m worried about this effort. How much vibration will there be on top of the dome? How much degradation has there been down deep on the lower west side of it?

      I want this to help but I think that people should stay far away while this machine is operating. Remote control maybe?

      Wish them luck. It might be a helpful first step. It’s about time.

  4. From EPA website on the pumping process:
    “can be used under buildings without excavation” or digging..

    “Single-pump systems are expensive to implement at sites with medium to high-permeability soils, and effectiveness. Dual-pump systems may not be effective in low permeability soils.
    Difficult to apply to sites where the water table fluctuates unless water table depression pumps are employed.
    Treatment may be expensive for extracted vapors and for oil-water separation.
    Large volume of extracted groundwater may require treatment.
    Requires specialized equipment with sophisticated control capability.
    Requires complex monitoring and control during operation.”
    The COMPLEX monitoring and CONTROL during operation would concern me..Texas Brine being Texas Brine. Wait..the LA government is supervising too.

    Sorry to be raining on this, but when you add complicated remediation –you add high potential for problems. Has this been blessed by the scientific community and proven to successfully work at BC? Yes two wells were tested by Texas Brine..but that is nothing in the massive venting required by the sinkhole. Are they going to just vent the existing wells monitoring for gases? Or drill new wells to vent the entire side of the salt dome down to the bottom of their cavern? In such a wide spread fractured situation? Texas Brine and LA should spend money to fully fund buyout (YES PAY TO MOVE CITIZENS and fully compensate/make whole the victims) and stop trying to fix a problem without a current tech solution. Remember the ‘finger in the dike’ story? Similar here..

  5. And finally, from
    ” It is also recommended that additional process control be used to maintain safe operation, including the use of meters to detect potentially explosive atmospheres within the system. If the risk of explosive atmospheres is of concern Churngold has built and operated a number of appropriately rated ATEX systems.”
    Assume they mean methane…
    Here is a case study, 500,000 british or close to 1 Million USD, one building. http://www.churngold.com/case-studies/remediation/steam-enhanced-remediation-of-chlorobenzene-and-btex-within-enclosed-structure-at-chemical-works.html

  6. Sorry about being wordy..but gads..they have to be careful about this collection process when utilized around the general public. The on going natural venting thru groundwater/ground fractures naturally may take off gas pressure as long as its not building up under a structure (home!) or road. Its just not safe to be around as you never know when something will happen(if it will….)-its the not knowing. I need a cup of coffee…high octane.

    • I think it will get worse fast. What is surprising is they admit to this scheme… when most of what they do is in secret.
      If it blows up they will probably blame this pump company!

  7. Sounds like Texas Brine, as in the past, thinks citizens a too stupid to see through their feeble attempts to fool the public. Word of Texas Brine’s incompetents has hit the internet. Natural gas knows no borders. Extract the natural gas, store it, and use it. That is the methode to eleminate natural gas seepage.
    Is Texas Brine trying win a place in “Guinness Book of World Records” for building the worlds most powerful Butane bomb?

  8. If there end up being dozens of these pumps running 24/7 all over the place could they end up interfering with the helicorders ???

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