Another Chemical Plant Comes to Geismar & more news

The Advocate – BASF announces $42.6 million project, 22 jobs

GEISMAR — German chemical manufacturer BASF will spend $42.6 million to build a new polyurethane blending facility at its Geismar operation in Ascension Parish, creating 22 new direct and 145 indirect jobs, state and company officials said Thursday. . . .

Hang on. . .  GOHSEP has put out a new Situation Summary (9-10). Page 36 has the new stuff.
Page 42:  Approved emergency water discharge permit allowing discharge of water back into the sinkhole (9/6)  < ???
Page 53 says they are doing some work on Crosstex property. What  work???

WBRZ – Texas Brine behind in bills

BAYOU CORNE – The company believed to be responsible for the massive sinkhole in Assumption Parish is behind thousands of dollars in bills.
According to Assumption Parish officials, the company owes the parish close to $400,000. The costs range from operating the 24-7 command post in Bayou Corne to patrolling the mandatory evacuated area.
The parish bills Texas Brine every month, but Parish President Marty Triche says they haven’t seen a penny for three months.
Triche has a message for those officials: either pay up or get out of the parish. . . .

Speaking of deadbeats … Iberia Parish tormentors, AGL Resources, skip tax payments. 2006 article on it.


New Orleans Times-PicayuneSinkhole costs, race for the Senate and Jindal staff changes

The state has spent $8.3 million responding to the Bayou Corne sinkhole in Assumption Parish, the Legislative Fiscal Office said in its monthly newsletter Wednesday. The costs account for total expenditures through June 26 only.”

In 2010 the Comet had an article on oil companies not paying taxes back then.

Watch: In Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley,’ huge sinkhole creates more concerns < has video

Are petro-chemical companies sinking south Louisiana? < has video


  • 2.5 quake in Lepanto, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.6 quake in Damascus, Arkansas < MAP
  • 1.5 quake in Matthews, Missouri < MAP

8 thoughts on “Another Chemical Plant Comes to Geismar & more news

  1. “Permit for discharge of water into sinkhole”

    Ahhhhh so is this where the waste water from all the pumps is going to end up!!!

    And will it be cleaned of contaminates first??

  2. Apologies if it’s on here already but I’ve not yet found it, but are salinity measurements being taken ? Not just from the surface but also at depth from the sinkhole?

      • Quite probably true… But your short list had something missing…

        Leaky Saltdome Caverns.


        I added it because it’s in Louisiana, and just something else to be added to the list of things to be worried about, especially as no-one has any idea of just what havoc the Napoleonville saltdome may cause if it goes south big-time.

        And the residents of that area SHOULD be aware of all dangers, especially as Jindal & Co. seem to be leaving them to their own devices. And having to evac. through areas that contain the ‘Zombie Amoeba’ could be problematic.

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