Explosion and Fire on the Jersey Shore

This 6 alarm fire is now a 4 alarm fire. The cause is unknown. TV reports said they thought propane tanks exploded.

Fire Ravages Jersey Shore Boardwalk Rebuilt After Hurricane Sandy

Fire rages along NJ boardwalk damaged by Superstorm Sandy

From FOX News

Regular readers here know why we occasionally report massive explosions and fires.


4 thoughts on “Explosion and Fire on the Jersey Shore

  1. This part of the wooden boardwalk survived Sandy, the 32 businesses there had a full inventory as the expected tourists did not come this year, there was a statewide firemen’s convention nearby, they drug a trench around it and let the ocean flood in around it! Many there are still paying mortgages and rent. One commenter stated his property taxes along were $20,000! They need to get out of that state!

    • Disasters occur everywhere on this planet. A person would have to move constantly for their entire lives to avoid a mishap; and that’s not even 100% effective. People need to live near civilization because of dependency on goods services.

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