Gas Mitigation Slides/Sinkhole Survey

Meeting info.

They are back to Code 1 says another post.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Dr. Hecox presented information specific to the gas mitigation program at a meeting held yesterday evening in Bayou Corne. Click here to access the slides that were presented. 

Also, the sinkhole survey from August is complete and be downloaded here. 

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13 thoughts on “Gas Mitigation Slides/Sinkhole Survey

  1. Well, gee, what a complete failure! I would be ashamed to admit using a DPVE for 219 hours, and after just 90 minutes the gas is bubbling again…. Think about that. Also take note of how far east the gas columns are thickest, and how far west under Pierre Part. DPVE= Epic Fail!

  2. Well no worries hey guys

    Only 6.9 pounds of methane per hour or 4000 scfd

    But wait a second don’t they realise most people can actually do simple maths, over the 9ish days the pump was running it pulled over 1511 pounds or 685kg of methane. Oh and “scfd” for those that don’t know actually stands for Standard Cubic Feet/Day.
    So that little 6.9 and 4000 unexplained acronym of scfd’s is not quiet so rosey looking.
    Maybe next time they can publish the results in pounds per second to make the results look even smaller.

    • They like putting together slideshows showing air boats and photos of ‘the team’! Why bother with dull statistics?
      Is lying about the methane going to make it stop coming up in Lake Peigneur or other far away places?
      Is it going to lay down and not explode because of some slideshow?
      You can see calamity ahead like a big ol’ oak tree that fell over on the train tracks and here comes Amrtack at 90 mph.

      • Just surprised that they didn’t convert the pump to run on the methane it sucked up, their PR boys could then have told you what a caring environmentally conscious bunch they are.

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