Mud Volcanoes 101


Distribution and formation conditions of salt diapirs and mud volcanoes

Linked halokinesis and mud volcanism at the Mercator mud volcano, Gulf of Cadiz

Fluid evolution and authigenic mineral paragenesis related to salt diapirism – The Mercator mud volcano in the Gulf of Cadiz
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” . . . The proportion of methane reaching the atmosphere due to natural seepage has until recently been assumed to be insignificant(IPCC, 1990). However, first assessments of theflux of gas from seabed seepages indicate that the geological sources of atmospheric methane may be more significant than is generally acknowledged.”

Methane discharge from a deep-sea submarine mud volcano into the upper water column by gas hydrate-coated methane bubbles

Abstract: Worldwide distribution of submarine mud volcanoes and associated gas hydrates

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9 thoughts on “Mud Volcanoes 101

  1. Mud Volcanoes in Eastern US.
    The water from hot springs in non-volcanic areas is heated in this manner If the water is mixed with mud and clay, it is called a mud pot

    The Nodoroc and Wakulla Mud Volcanoes in Georgia and Florida
    There is no volcanoes in Georgia and Florida.
    Pigeon Mountain in Georgia
    Back in the 1800s the mud in the Nodoroc was so acidic and heat so intense that it could dissolve animal flesh in one day, bones in a few days. The vegetation around it was stunted and yellowed.
    After the massive earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault in 1813 and 1814, the Nodoroc mud volcano began to steadily diminish in size. Then one day, in the mid-19th century it exploded with a mighty roar of flames and searing hot mud and left a mile diameters ring of destruction. Afterward, the flames died.

    Pigeon Mountain in Georgia

    Wakulla volcano in Florida
    Its eruption ceases after the Charleston, SC earthquake of 1886

  2. So did bp drill under the louann salt deposit to get at “the prize beneath the salt”? They drilled down 30-35,000 feet which is approx the salt thickness. They encountered extremely high pressures, which are known to exist around mud volcanoes. Did bp drill into or next to a mud volcano in/around mc252?
    Is the Louann salt sheet being de-pressurized from below?

    “The geologic history of the north louisiana salt basin, Mississippi interior salt basin, Manila sub basin, and Conecuh sub basin is directly linked to the Gulf of Mexico basin.” (Wood & Walper 1974)

    “The louann formed in a rift as the south American and north American plates separated. The louann underlies much of the northern gulf coast from Texas to the Florida panhandle and extends beneath large areas of the gulf coastal plain of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.”

    “Deltas, growth fault systems, and salt tectonic features developed:: All this over a mobile salt base and over a rifted Permian to Jurassic margin.”

    ” Is drilling in the gulf uncorking bad genies?
    The time of fluid migration from the source to the seafloor appears unusually rapid 20 yrs or less on the basis of the short lived Ra228 isotope content.
    The overall result suggests that the Ba-Ra rich fluid expulsion on the seafloor is rapid and recent. It appears to parallel recent exploratory and production activities in the area.”

    Some notes I wrote down last night I found interesting. Search quoted text to find doc lol, sry. It’s hard to do it all from a phone.

    • That’s a lot … for using a phone!
      Hope you didn’t have to type it with yr thumbs!
      In the scary item by ‘Guest’ (Worst Case Scenario’ story on the sidebar with vulture art) he says the lab-made bacteria critters are greatly affecting the pressure because of what they leave behind in the oil molecule(s)..
      I am not pressure expert or a chemist so it could well be true based on pressure being so much increased.

  3. The first organism ever patented (the very first patent on “life”) was an oil eating bacteria, I think in 1976. Brought to you by Dow chemical & Monsanto.

    It was fought in court, and Dow won. The rest is history, now this is all from memory so names and dates may be different from recall.

    • I added “Fluid evolution and authigenic mineral paragenesis related to salt diapirism – The Mercator mud volcano in the Gulf of Cadiz” to the post.
      I had to get rights for the download. So, everybody, please don’t redistribute without getting rights from

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