Vision Video of Lake FUBAR

This link was sent in by a reader.  There’s not a category  for it except ‘anxiety’.

From July –


DISCLAIMER:  Any resemblance to officials is purely coincidental


15 thoughts on “Vision Video of Lake FUBAR

  1. Just like news articles we read, we need verification in order to give some kind of validity to this video. Even though this sounds like something many of use would expect, to a certain extent. We should know her name, location, any ulterior motives, mental state.
    I remember watching a video of a woman videotaping herself in a car giving a speech about how upset she was about the monster sinkhole situation. The video was posted on the sinkhole Bugle a long time ago–maybe 6-8 months ago. The lady in the video was pretty upset and angry with the situation. Could this be the same lady?

    • offhand, I don’t think so.
      What is odd is the visuals are professional with stock footage and tedious editing and the narrative is like a phone recording.
      Just posted as it also shows how the events at Bayou Corne are tripping people out all over!

    • Yeah – it might be a solution. But I think methane would just seep up in Texas or somewhere else.
      All the ‘news’ from TEPCO is a pile of lies since the disaster started. They aren’t going to freeze anything or remediate anything. It will all just blow up.
      Fukushima stuff is over at the FC blog.

  2. I found the video submitted to you on youtube uploaded by a Henning Kemner.

    Watch “Vision from the Lord – Louisiana Man is creating disaster” on YouTube

    I did a search of “henning kemner” and found a search item with Henning Kemner’s and Dutchsince’s names in the same field. I viewed the video, and the man in this video talks about an intelligent man in Denmark by the name of Henning Kemner. The video is interesting and partially deals with Louisiana Sinkhole.

    Watch “Dutchsinse And Henning Kemner (Louisiana Sink Hole Explained ) !” on YouTube

    You, Flyingcuttlefish, said you were watching a Hemming(note “mm”) Kemner video on the New Madrid fault on 09.11.13 post.

    • yes, he has a few on here. You can find all of them with a search of his name in the search box.
      He has more on Louisiana than I post. The one I recently mentioned is really long, and scary.
      It is at the bottom of this post (scroll down to get it)
      Ideas About BP/Macondo Being No Accident – posted Sept. 10.

      He puts religion into it, but has interesting things to say. And he points out many BP fabrications about the Macondo disaster. In the long video he says they deliberately made the mess.

  3. These folks at Weeks Island beat you to the freezewall idea. They actually built and used it. They also know a whole lot more in those days, than these so-called scientists on board now. This reads like a summary on a much larger scale of collapsed earth and water infiltration within the dome. BTW, it was SANDIA on the scene at this time 1992-1996, and created the freezewall for Weeks Island and arrested its development. I doubt a large enough one could now be constructed, but if actually taken seriously in the beginning, then this could have been a lesser area by this time. Faulting and salt blow outs were as common at Weeks Island as they are now at Grand Bayou. Something to think about.

  4. I sent in this video about the vision. The author is Annie, last name unknown. I believe she resides in Florida.

    My intent with submission of this vision isn’t to scare anyone, but merely to help fill in the blanks. Perhaps what this lady saw in her vision would match up with a company that may be a part of what is going on with pumping fluids into the sinkhole. No timetable was given in the vision which still keeps us in the dark. It would be my best guess that it’s not IF this area will blow up, but WHEN it will blow. And that’s my opinion based merely on data shown and opinions given from folks that are in the scientific know.

    I live 75 miles east of this sinkhole. Will I be affected? I don’t know. If disaster should travel this far when it does blow, I’m not scared. I know where I am going when I die.

    To each his own with watching this video. The lady’s credentials are listed on her website. Her number is listed there should you decide to call her directly.

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