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Hurricane Ingrid – Let’s hope it goes west like the forecasts say!

The AdvocateVacuum system alleviates methane buildup

LINK –  http://youtu.be/FHf8as7Bwks

• More videos featuring Ret. General Honorè are here.

Caddo residents reminded of emergency water order
Officials note decline in aquifer levels in recent weeks Caddo is in the NW part of Louisiana on the Texas border . . .  About Caddo Parish map

NOTE: We have been blocked from pertinent Louisiana websites here and think funny business is going on.

LIVE coverage of the Rising Tide event with Gen. Honorè

sent in:

Best quotes from LTG Russel Honorè:

The last time I was in this room, the President of the United States was here.

On the approach of Hurricane Isaac, when it was still a tropical storm, the winds were at 72 mph, 2 mph short of an official hurricane, and I was pushing officials to start calling it a hurricane. If that 2 mph is the difference between someone evacuating or not, it should be called a hurricane, he said.

The storm don’t care what you call it.

What makes the difference in this kind of community is people being willing to fight. I like my amoebas in a petri dish, not in the water supply, my gas in the engine of my car, not washing up on the ground.

Leadership is the art and ability to influence others to willingly follow, — emphasis on the willingly.

To do that, you have to get people to understand not only the tasks to be performed, but also the reasons for them.

This is true of environmental justice. If you let oil to run loose in the Gulf of Mexico, it’ll kill everything in the Gulf.

On Grand Bayou three miles north of Bayou Corne, where the salt dome collapsed. That’s not a third world country — that’s right here.

Bayou Corne, a place to research that is no longer there due to environmental factors.

George Washington’s army was called rebels by the British government. We think we have it hard right now, but people in the past have sacrificed much more.

Washington’s army had nothing. They didn’t have boats — but he points to a painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. Their supply system was based on an old Louisiana custom called ‘TOPS,’ — take other people’s stuff or I could say something else.  

This happened on our soil.  And the army was sick and cold, but what they had to look forward to was freedom promised in a document only six months old at the time, the Declaration of Independence.

And, by the end of the war, 20 percent of the people fighting in the war still weren’t free, because they were slaves.

Our battle today isn’t that hard, he says. If Washington’s army could do it, we can do it.

Every generation’s got something to do that is big, that will change this nation, that will change this world, Honore says.

Tech is weapon, a tool to help fight the good fight.

My childhood advice –  Learn to do the routine things well. Don’t be afraid to take on the impossible. Don’t be afraid to act, even if you’re being criticized.

People are going to say, ‘why’s Honore talking about the oil and gas business? What would Louisiana be without the oil and gas business?

If it’s so great for Louisiana, why is Louisiana so poor?

He says he likes people from other places coming to New Orleans and getting hotel rooms and running up big bar tabs, but don’t mess up the place.

Same with the oil and gas industry, if you break it, you fix it.

Come to town but don’t come trash the place

When there is a chemical release, factories should no longer be able to say that no chemicals were released off the property, and that simply be accepted.

If you break it, you bought it. If you make the mess, you clean it up. Basic tenets of life

In a democracy, you can turn a situation around, Honore says. We’re going to have to do a culture shift.

If big oil & gas are so good for Louisiana, why are we the poorest damn state in the union?

If you grew up in Louisiana, you grew up used to smelling stuff. People from other places will say, what is that? And the response will be nonchalant: It’s just people burning the sugar cane, or, it’s just the sugar plant.

The oil spill shouldn’t be called the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It was the BP oil spill — the Gulf didn’t cause the problem.

Likewise, the sinkhole shouldn’t be the Bayou Corne sinkhole. It’s should be the Texas Brine sinkhole.

If someone gave him illegal drugs or counterfeit money, the feds would be here in a snap to enforce the laws against those things. So why is that not true for environmental laws?

We’re so business friendly we let people self-regulate.  Self-regulate is not an option.

The gulf is full of abandoned oil wells that have been laying there for years. That’s how brazen these people are.

But change is going to have to come through the legislature. They won’t pass a law requiring companies clean up their mess until the people make it miserable for them.

This is our battle. Honore says.

There’s no protest to get people the right to vote. There’s no protest over the Vietnam War — those battles have been fought by previous generations.

These environmental justice issues are generation’s war.

People in South Plaquemines Parish don’t get to participate in the oil economy they’re surrounded by, — the companies are international and hire predominantly from out-of-state.

But people have a voice.  It’s time to use it.

And now it’s time for questions.

First question is from Sandy Rosenthal of Levees.org, asking about the governor’s attempt to replace the levee board members suing the oil companies.

Honore: We have to figure out how to get the governor’s attention, and start researching legal remedies.

It’s supposed to be a democracy, but it does not look most times like a democracy when it comes to oil and gas, Honore says.

Candidates from office should be prohibited from taking money from the oil and gas industry. It distorts the democracy.

Part of the problem is getting the media to pay attention.

This democracy will never work as long as it’s being bought, he says.

Next speaker from the audience: Please run for governor!

Room fills with applause. Honore doesn’t answer.

Honore instructs the room to stand up and leads them in a chant of Give me liberty or give me death.

The meeting put on by the parish is on YouTube.

Seismo news  . . .


25 thoughts on “Weekend News, Honorè is da Man – –

  1. How to get rid of nuke waste out of a salt dome.
    Nuke Waste to de-ice roads
    Does Pennsylvania, prefer to nuke there icy highways ?
    Yes Pennsylvania wants to use fracking waste as road salt.

    • poor PA!
      They are very de-regulated state. Foreign countries train teams of commandos there because of their lax gun laws for state parks etc.

    • Walter – – – S.O.S. – – –
      I’d like you to find info on Oak Ridge. On an underground ‘ice wall‘ used there several years as experiment. Maybe to stabilize the ground.
      Mentioned after 19 min. in this vid – –

  2. Here is the link to a site with lots of interesting news about methane and earthquakes.
    Some of the recent activity on the ring of fire seems to be connected to climate change. As well as my idea mentioned earlier that melting ice on greenland could trigger earthquakes along the american craton.

    • yes, it was on the shakemap part of the sidebar.
      For some reason with USGS, the shakemap info shows 12-24 hours ahead of the main USGS quake page.

      Pacific Rim is a bouncy house.

      You are up to date on seismos, as usual.

    • Yes. I think TPTB are hiding quakes on quake maps so as not to panic the masses. We could make some noise. They also feed us the story that we are addicted and they’re only giving us what we demand. I also believe most of us would like to live another way but it’s just not easy enough yet. Last year I bought a bike trailer for my bike and ride it back and forth to work when the weather is nice. Reminds me of being a child, it’s that wonderful. I only live about a mile from work, though, with a grocery store in between. Most of us would love to make our lives simpler and protect the earth that provides us with so much. More sharing of resources. But it’s greed and need for power of TPTB that run so much of our lives. What insecurities and lack of compassion those individuals must have.

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