Open Season of the Gulf of Mexico

With catastrophe around the corner the ‘gold rush’ in the Gulf continues.
Take a look at this PGS page:

MultiClient Gulf of Mexico News: Take a Risk Out of the Game with Crystal Clarity

Recall they made “pegboard” already out of the Gulf. How much more can the thin-crust, methane bloated, volcano-pocked,fissure cracked, perforated Gulf floor take??
No risk at all say the vultures!



11 thoughts on “Open Season of the Gulf of Mexico

  1. Those “seal a meal” vacume pump systems for the methane gas recovery..are going to be expensive. Noted 90 wells–or is Texas Brine going for a few to ‘keep it cheap?’ First review of the systems, they cost and they require careful oversite for safety. Now what is there about Texas Brine that gives a warm and fuzzy they can PAY for all the needed systems, and that TB can provide oversite? It means a TRAINED person running the equipment, following OSHA/WISHA and EPA guidelines –..not a 911 response call from a homeowner if an alarm rings. Wonder how the community will feel about those methane tanks and pumps? Guess time will tell, am glad they are trying SOMETHING! Its going to be expensive to operate the pumps for years and years until the ‘well runs dry’…any idea when that will be?

    • plus Texas Brine is already a deadbeat on paying the parish, DOTD etc.
      And that well pad just fell into Lake FUBAR. What happens when it starts gobbling up these things?

  2. Wonder with all the “crystal clarity” which shows the undersea deposits way below the floor of the Gulf…that technology being touted..WHY not use it on the sinkhole. Or, have they and dont want anyone to see. Looks like the imaging technology is why take so long and still not have a clue..??

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