Monday Blues – – err – – News

New Orleans Times PicayuneState agency waived nearly half of mineral extraction penalties since 2008, audit shows

Louisiana’s Office of Mineral Resources waived nearly $6 million in penalties against mineral extraction companies and failed to collect an additional $1.4 million in royalty payments between 2008 and 2012, according to a report released Monday by the state Legislative Auditor.

The parish blog says they are back to CODE 1.

This is about Colorado – but it may as well be about Bayou Corne –



18 thoughts on “Monday Blues – – err – – News

  1. What is happening in Colorado is so terribly tragic!! With all of the massive fires the country has suffered this summer, Colorado may not be the only place that we’ll see this sort of flooding. So very sad!

  2. About the royalty penalty fees waived…frustrating! Goes right along with the almost $30 million/13 position cut to the DNR and the $7.6 million/43 position cut to DEQ. The biggest cut to DEQ was in the Office of Environmental Compliance. The corruption in this state just goes on and on and on…….

  3. Every time there’s an “accident”, these oversight agencies can claim underfunding/understaffing as to why compliance to safety regulations wasn’t enforced.

    • AND … if they did their damn job they could recoup costs plus much more in penalties and fines!
      They are just ON THE TAKE!

      • Yep. Just like in the BP disaster. All of the corruption between BP and oversight regulators was brought out in the beginning. Not much made of it since. They are as responsible as BP in my opinion. You know, I understand working in this state…as an employee of one of these agencies…the pressure to turn your head to things you’ve been told to but at some point a person has to choose their conscience no matter the personal cost.

      • When a person is really old .. ya gotta deal with reckoning. No accumulated wealth can ease a guilty conscience of a crook.
        I’d rather be poor than rich and guilty!

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