More Helicorder Outages

There are outages at the helicorders today. Offline are:

  • LA10-01
  • LA10-02
  • LA16

They went out about 2 A.M. CST.          heli_button
LA15 is back up.



16 thoughts on “More Helicorder Outages

  1. Now I’m sure we’re all feeling down that so many helicorders are off-line, but consider yourselves lucky that you don’t live in Boulder, Colorado site of those horrendous floods that are STILL on going.

    But don’t worry, the floods will abate, as the water moves down stream…

    Through Omaha, past every-bodies favourite incendiary toxic / nuclear waste-dump at Earth City. Down through St Louis, till eventually it will, after a long tiring journey, enter Louisiana…

    YES that’s right those floods that are currently destroying Boulder have Lake Fubars name written all over them 🙂

    Now… Doesn’t that just bring a happy smile to your face 😉

  2. And I guess all that water is starting to go in the cracks and crevices now a small earthquake hit in Colorado.

    M 2.6 – 40km WSW of Trinidad, Colorado
    Time2013-09-16 11:42:51 UTC-05:00Location36.989°N 104.898°WDepth1.3km

  3. We know how you people get when the helicorders are very active. So we’re going to shut ’em down for a while. How do you like that! That’ll teach ya!

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