Helicorders Breaking Down (TUES.)

Yesterday we reported big outages of many helicorders.     heli_button

Well, that ain’t nothin’! TODAY they are going bananas – – – near LA12 and LA14. A big outage like this after midnight


– – –  and then LOTS and LOTS of SEISMIC ACVITY.  And we don’t think it’s trucks or vacuum pumps. We’ll soon find out when El BARFO does its thing! Hardhats on everybody!

LA17-01  had an outage Sunday night and lots of the other helicorders  show blank hours from the weekend until now. Are they vacuuming up the helicorders by mistake??


The Bayou Buzz – Community briefing planned for those affected by giant sinkhole

People living near the giant sinkhole in southeast Louisiana were told Tuesday morning about a community briefing scheduled for later in the evening.

It will be held at the Assumption Parish Community Center at 4910 LA 308 in Napoleonville. It is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

Bayou Corne residents claim they were only given 24 hours notice of the meeting and don’t know what it will be about.

They added Lt. Gen. Russel Honore will be in attendance. . .

Start watching the tropical storm news this week. A big storm is forming in the lower Gulf.

House Explodes in Stamford, Conn., 2 Other Homes Damaged

[snip] . . . Stamford Fire Chief John Fontneau called it “a scene out of hell.”

“The house was leveled, there was debris in the trees, glass shards, front door and back door thrown many feet away,” said Fontneau. “There was actually a window frame up in the pine tree, the pine tree was snapped. It was a very big explosion.” . . .

WWLTV – St. Bernard brings in outside experts to test for brain-eating amoebaMany St. Bernard schools shut off water fountains

The (Corexit-mutated) 750 lb. GATOR!

NOTE: Today the Face Book page, Real Coastal Warriors has a lot of news about health impacts for BP clean-up crews. And they have a lot of news about pollution from mining and fracking industries and the Colorado flooding. Everything is getting into that flood water


16 thoughts on “Helicorders Breaking Down (TUES.)

  1. Better get used to them being errattic as I doubt the helicorders are going to be any use once they start drilling this observation well that we can’t see being convoyed in on video from “NOT FOR YouTube”

    • The ones in Virginia, where probably too small to register on the helicorders, and what did register was most likely internal…

      Either equipment being operated, or moved, or subsurface movement of rock / salt.

  2. Up late yesterday watching live feed of Concodia I was struck by this great guy … ” Michael Thamm, the head of Costa Cruises, has pledged to return the Giglio seabed to its original pristine state, no matter the cost. ” .. in the press conf. at the righting of the ship about 3 a.m. EST he made this elegant talk.
    Doing the parbuckling, great enviro care, booms etc. with no law telling them they have to. Doing it because it is right to do it.
    OPPOSITE view of Texas Brine & Oxy.

    • A better version of his words (translated from Italian)
      . . . The recovery of the Concordia has already cost “€ 600 million, but the amount will rise again,” said the CEO of Costa, Michael Thamm, noting that part of the expenses will be covered by insurance. In any case, he added, “does not worry us the financial aspect as the restoration of the environment: our commitment is to restore the island to what it was before the accident. And trust me, I’ll do it again.” For the CEO of Costa, Pier Luigi Foschi, with the success of the project it captures “the result of a job well done” which is an “example of public-private collaboration.”

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