New 3-D survey + Wed. News

The Advertiser – Bayou Corne residents wonder what sinkhole means for their homes, futures

“The sinkhole itself could grow another 60 percent to 40 acres, according to the state government’s best estimate. No homes were destroyed, but fears center on the possibility that flammable gases, which have been seen bubbling on area waterways, could work their way into homes in the area.”

WAFB – DNR releases 3D seismic images of Bayou Corne Sinkhole


The Advocate – Expert: Deep gas sources feeding Assumption aquifer

NAPOLEONVILLE — A state seismic expert has found two likely existing “deep” sources continuing to feed methane gas under the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou communities and more than 90 bubbles sites in the area of northern Assumption Parish.

But officials working on the removal of the gas, a suspected byproduct of the formation of the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole last year, said Tuesday they are focused on cutting off or removing gas in two shallower layers first while they work on how to eliminate these two deeper sources. . .

. ,. . .Gary Hecox, CB&I hydrogeologist and  leading scientist on the sinkhole response, said [at the meeting]  drilling for the sources is certainly viable.

“The problem you’ve got, is even if we start drilling tomorrow and relieve that gas, there is so much gas in the aquifer you probably would not even notice it,” he said during the presentation to 40 to 50 residents.

Hecox added it may take years for an effect to be seen. He has said the gas in the aquifer is much greater than the 45 million cubic feet once estimated and is collected heavily under the Sportsmans Drive community south of La. 70 in Bayou Corne. . . .


Hmmm. . . King mackerel warning for the Gulf

A tale of legal corruption in Louisiana (Stop the Presses!) – from SlabbedNow for the rest of the story you’ll never see on 4 Investigates or in the Advocate as Slabbed updates Gates v Swartz

Strange Sounds – WTF is This Mysterious Sea Monster Caught by an Oil-Rig Cam?

WAFB – Boil advisory issued for French Settlement < is it from . . .   ground movement??

Open burning OK for Assumption Parish < ding dong!!

West VA – 3.1 quake on ANF




41 thoughts on “New 3-D survey + Wed. News

    • inconvenience the motorists and it will lead!
      They never report what’s stored in the caverns or even mention butane folly!

  1. This could eaily have been done in Oct. 2012 yet they waited almost a year to start to do this.
    They have been lying about what they know and what they are doing.

  2. They waited till the point of no return. It’s a three ring circus sideshow. We can send people to the moon and unmanned rovers to mars but “we” can’t figure out basic cause and effect.

  3. Page 4 of the CB&I Report (meeting last night) is illegible. Here is what it says:
    1) ESTABLISH THE SALT INTERFACE by historical wellbores, 2010 and 2013 VSP
    surveys, review of three 3D processing volumes (2007 Legend, April 2013 TBC
    processing, and August 2013 LDNR re‐processing), and 2013 (NMO) corrected
    2) LOOK FOR DISTURBANCE EXTERIOR TO THE SALT interface by using stack
    volumes from all 3D datasets but primarily using Spectral Balanced Local Attribute
    (SBLA or high frequency resolution LDNR re‐processing), Energy Ratio (LDNR 3D),
    and Similarity (TBC 3D) volumes to indicate where reflectors from sedimentary layer
    boundaries were not uniform or layered;
    3) MAP THE EXTERIOR GEOLOGIC CONDITIONS . Look for faulting and competent
    lithologic markers tied to seismic from well control around the disturbance area;
    4) IDENTIFY SUGGESTIONS OF HYDROCARBONS by analyzing AVO volumes and
    NMO gathers in and adjacent to the disturbance;
    5) MAKE FORWARD 1D & 2D synthetic fluid‐substitution models from well logs to
    compare to AVO, stack, NMO gather responses for hydrocarbon saturation
    validation, and log data;
    6) ESTIMATE A HYDROCARBON VOLUME by using well log control thickness,
    porosity, water saturation or by using anomaly boundaries as a limit.

  4. Remember all the ‘DNA’ testing on the oil and the gas parentage? While I found there was comment on the Bayou Corne oil/gas NOT being from a near oil well…was the MACONDO well (one or all three of them as proposed in court) ruled out as the sources? Just curious. Sure hope the answer is NO, but they have had samples for a long long time….An association would be critical to the ability to stop the gases with those pumping/vacume cleaner systems.

  5. Pictures of the Texas Brine systems in the community. Does anyone have photos of the venting buildings and pumps? And, oh by the way, who is paying for the electric costs for these pumps and such? Would certainly assume TB not only leases the property (which covers liability for their equipment and venting accidents) but pays for all the costs of electric and such.AND has funded workers to maintain and observe the systems. Its not cheap to run venting systems etc etc. And to have little buildings pop up. Are they noisy? Do they plan to vent from them with say live flames..?? Is the plan to put some of those vacume systems there as well? With methane or oil tanks for storage? Just curious…

    • Guerrera Zorra, Texas Brine has demonstrated in past that activities it claimed were to help the folks of Bayou Corne were really activities to generate more wealth and understanding of the riches below ground. So, expect nothing more.

  6. Dan Kotlowski and weatherunderground both agree that 95L will travel north a the Bay of Campeche by Friday. Computer models for both sites show the future path of 95L beyond Friday is uncertain. One path Dan Kotlowski has chosen in his video predicts the possible future track of 95L to move in the direction of Assumption Parish.

    Humberto No Threat; Yucatan Low Next Storm; Manuel a Storm.

    95L 2013: Computer Model Hurricane Forecasts.

    • I think it can bring a lot of water up. To me it looks like it will bother Texas more.
      The weather button is on the sidebar (I’ll begin to add it to posts as the storm forms).
      Weather Undergound puts the advisories on the top of the page to make it easy to check the position live.

  7. Essentially after a year, Don Marlin has proven me right. If they’d listened, we’d all be much further along by now. Wow, I was right, big whoop! In this instance I wish I was horribly wrong….. Marty was correct in calling for Federal Assistance, but this shows how imperative it is to call for a Forced Evacuation. This will not end in our lifetimes, and the health and safety of children should be taken into consideration. This Residents video from last week is indicative of a ‘Disconnect’ between those affected and those at a ‘Remove’. Very sad situation…

  8. Looking at Page 11 of the Presentation, you will see that the actual Mill Out was at 2280 ft. to 2380 ft., and that it shows an explosive deformation, confirming the Mill Out as causal.

  9. Well, as usual, money is more important than the health and future of our children. Not enough people care enough to get mad, really mad yet. Everyone could give a rats ass about their neighbor. I wonder what Jesus would do if he were here, I know he would not say, “oh well, I know where im going when I die.”

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