Texas Brine’s Idea of Slab Venting – PHOTO



14 thoughts on “Texas Brine’s Idea of Slab Venting – PHOTO

  1. And of course its safe for children and animals to play around. (sarcasm). Just how far away are people and pets/animals supposed to stay from this rig..based on EPA guidelines (you know, the laws and regulations…followed by the gas and oil industry). I dont see a fence or such to keep little fingers from playing around (or big ones who want to disrupt something)…Just Saying..and the venting..is BURNED or just allowed to rip..? If burned..thats a whole new concept.
    Since TB does not LEASE the property they have placed equipment on..they do need to provide accident insurance for each site. Cause I know home owners insurance will not cover a whoops. Did read about these venting systems, they are supposed to be monitored..and SAFETY is mentioned as a concern. The company who is providing this equipment, they guarrentee the safety of children and such around these rigs; offer insurance for any problems? Is there a lisitng of installation requirements..for 20 or 100 of these little toys?

    • Am concerned, but more concerned for the people who were clearly heard in the public meeting..worried..but without any other resources…Is LA government protecting them? Is this the safe way to shutdown the entire sinkhole. How long will these devices pump..and they need electricity..what happens if no electric due to storms or high water..?? will gas build up and cause issues –if two weeks or so without electric? Will TB provide the gensets needed to provide electric backup for these units?

      • [I am x-NYer] When 9-11 happened the Red Cross made sure they were SLOW to give assistance to displaced residents, surviving families of the victims, fireman’s families etc. so they would be WAY behind in bills and begging.
        They STOLE the donation money they advertised for and re-directed it to other projects, keeping it from families in need.
        That way they would FIRST sign the (evil) papers that promised NOT TO SUE to obtain aid. As they were all about to be evicted/loose homes etc. they signed up.
        But Red Cross was right there handing out tons of Xanex type of drugs to help with the deal.
        I met many family members at the phoney hearings. One no-deal victim (husband on Boston plane) told me horror stories.
        Do recall, lax airlines got a free pass worth billions by instant ‘terror’ declaration (with no investigation yet)… hours after WTC was tumbled. Airlines has lobbyists in DC working all reps minutes after the disaster.
        I worked a lot with effort to force investigation, families etc.

        SO … in Bayou Corne they want to starve people out to make them sign any sort of agreement. Evidently, with the help of Jindal.

    • The best hope now for Assumption Parish air quality is the pending (giant) lawsuits. In court these legal beagles will show publicly what THEIR tests show. But those don’t happen for many months down the line ….

  2. These science lab contraptions will not solve the problem. The natural gas problem is a never-ending problem. As I wrote before, natural gas knows no boarders. The entire region is swimming in natural gas. Those contraptions will encourage natural gas to migrate to Bayou Corne because the natural gas has now found an outlet.
    A company needs to extract the natural gas, store it, and use it. Fuel Cell Energy can build large RV-sized power plants around the area to generate cheap electricity from the onsite natural gas.

    • quick! let’s get us a contraption sell to them to fund our research and blog operations!
      Just need some balsa wood and rubber bands!!

  3. Guys sometimes I hate the way my mind works but please, please, please tell me that some consideration has been given to these tall metal poles flowing explosive gas connected to conductive saline subsurface water against lightning strikes.

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