Honduras Quake is not near the Gulf of Mexico

4.2 Honduras quake < MAP

The latest quakes from Central America seem to relate to this fault (drawn on map).


RSOE alert map.


16 thoughts on “Honduras Quake is not near the Gulf of Mexico

  1. FOX news mentioned oil in the water of Colorado and a disaster in the making. A few pictures too. Just what was needed (sarcasm) to show how safe fracking really is. I guess it is if everything is perfect, there are no disasters or floods or earthquakes or storms or ??

  2. You can see in the excerpt below that Weld County is seeing some of the worst flooding and has almost 20,000 active wells. Maybe all wells have computerized shut in equipment which allows access by a central location. I’m a little skeptical about that. Schuller, president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, said all affected wells were shut in. I find it hard to believe that people knew the floods, which occurred quickly, were coming and went to all of the wells to shut them down.

    Link is same as I gave earlier. I included the link and excerpts as proof of statements I made were based on factual information.
    Extracted points of concern:
    •environmental groups warn of potential contamination by ruptured oil and gas industry infrastructure.
    • In Weld County, which has seen some of the worst of the rains, activists point to photos of destroyed wells, tanks and pipelines posted on social media sites. They claim that years of “fracking,” the process of drilling for shale gas through hydraulic fracturing, has made the area northwest of Denver and Boulder vulnerable to contamination in the event of flooding.
    • “Weld County….. has almost 20,000 active oil and gas wells,” Gary Wockner, Colorado program director for Clean Water Action…..
    • “It’s[Weld County] the most heavily drilled county in the U.S., and it’s seeing some of the worst flooding,” he[Gary Wockner] said. “Oil and gas and chemicals associated with drilling are going to be spread across a wide swath of landscape.”
    • There are hundreds of active oil and gas wells built in the South Platte River floodplains alone that are at risk of contaminating the floodwaters.
    • Already there have been reports of a ruptured natural gas pipeline and overflowing crude-oil wells.
    • Denver Post was reporting that crews had placed absorbent beams into the South Platte River south of the town of Milliken, where it said 5,250 gallons of oil had spilled into the river.
    • ….historic floods, which have forced the evacuation of more than 10,000 people.
    • “All impacted wells have been shut in, which means the well has been closed off or shut and is not producing any oil and gas product,” Schuller[president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association] said…

    • fab info …. but how about posting to the FC blog where it will get read in context??
      I put up a good post there with some great links (from here and the headlines).

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