Wild Weather Weekend

Lots of water getting sucked up from Mexico may get dumped on Louisiana this weekend.

NOAA satellite view of the Gulf Note: Pacific storm clouds are coming across to the the Gulf/Atlantic side of Central America.

Invest 95L tracker map

Invest 95L satellite view:

WAFB has a customizable weather map

WWLTV Radar:

CONUS map:


LINK –   http://youtu.be/HaLjqWZ1t24

Sept. 19 – Get Ready for More ‘Thousand-Year’ Floods

LINK – http://youtu.be/F9JAgBtk5fk

Loop Current info

May, 2010 – Loop Current Destabilizes, Lowering Gulf Oil Spill’s Threat to Fla. — for Now


BP sues Louisiana officials after being ordered to remove oil spill boom anchors from state waters

On verge of big flood – Louisiana National Guard (the engineers!) unit departs for Afghanistan

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Due to the rainy forecast predicted for today, Live After Five for Friday, September 20, 2013 featuring Mojeaux – “The Party Experience,” has been cancelled.


11 thoughts on “Wild Weather Weekend

  1. Would a lightning strike in the sinkhole area cause the entire location to go up in flames? Is there enough fumes in the open atmosphere to pose such a risk?

    • The constant boil advisories, pipe breakages, outages etc. statewide make it look like Louisiana is decades behind infrastructure upgrades. Also so many news items about malfunctioning drainage systems in growing communities that didn’t grow the sewer systems.
      It is a national problem.

  2. I guess the wild weather will hit Florida sunday or monday. I wonder about the explosions, is it more of the jumping jack flash phenom? You know in Colorado, they say about 1900 fracking wells were covered in flood water spreading oil and contaminants in the flood waters themselves. Quite a nightmare.

    • I just put up the explosions in case they are H2S or methane related.
      The Colo. stuff is on the FC blog.
      And that OK fire was buring 9 hours later.. they let it burn out. It was a fracking chemical plant(!).

    • I know!!!! I looked at NOAAs radar site in the middle of the night to check the weather for an outdoor wedding nearby and was absolutely stunned to see what looked like hundreds of weather formations pretty much exactly the same stretching from Canada to Mexico beginning at the western edge of this GOM storm all the way west almost to the western coast if the US. They looked liked dark blue cottonballs. Strange, strange, strange. And these will be called Naturally forming??!’

      • I think the Loop Current broke again … but I only posted sort of old stuff about it.
        Or it is HAARP.
        Or it is the ‘stuck’ thing that caused Colo. flood that is very odd.
        On tv all they care about is impact on Football … rrrggg. And idiot on CNN is walking in knee deep sewage water to show off. Even in NYC with heavy rains they let the sewage loose!
        Shows what the press knows about infrastructure … or brain eating critters living in Louisiana water!!

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