Louisiana Sinkhole: From the Frying Pan into the Fire

The WHOLE TRUTH about what happened to collapse the salt dome at Napoleonville.


I am itching to explain the findings of the new geo-technical data that Don Marlin has so graciously provided, as well as many other findings, but at this time, another more pressing matter must be addressed for the sake of the residents who actually heeded the ‘Mandatory Evacuation’ and vacated the area over 13 months ago.

In the following video, a question is asked by Mr. Mike Schaff, and it is a most urgent and pressing question.

Mr. Schaff: “Sir, one of the stipulations for it to be safe for the evacuation to be called off, was that; the sinkhole to be stabilized, the caverns to be stabilized, and the gas within the aquifer was to be at, or below hydrostatic pressure. What I am hearing tonight is that these stipulations will change. Am I correct?”

Speaker: “That is what is being presented by these scientists, some of which are…

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9 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole: From the Frying Pan into the Fire

  1. FCF, I really don’t know where to go from here? I mean, Don Marlin has confirmed what I have been saying all along, and all the technical data simply backs up what I have been publishing for months. It has teken 13 months to get to where I and my team got to 4 months after this mining disaster started….

    I am kind of at a loss…

    • The next shoe to drop will be a windfall of even more devastating data and damning proof of cover-up that will be revealed in the class action suits.
      Sooner if Louisiana Bucket Brigade can get a hold of the e-mail exchanges.
      Then the other big drama will be if Katrina-funds-embezzler, Jindal will fess up (a hoop he must jump through to get fed. aid for Bayou Corne).
      As a sideshow let’s see how long the major media can ‘hold out’ on covering this calamity as it begins to threaten wider areas.

      So save data and sit back.

  2. Many residents have reported a small explosion about an hour and a half ago and a picture has been posted that looks to be either the flaring of a pipeline coming from Crosstex, or where the pipeline has been breached. A police car was seen by a resident but John B. had not been notified, until reported by another resident. FcF has the picture taken by cellphone. More news as it comes in.

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