Yellowstone Earthquake Sept 16

This is not good news.

RSOE report – From Sept.16 but may have had delay in appearance on their map.

“A small earthquake struck in Yellowstone National Park near the Old Faithful geyser on Sunday, but even the seismic shaking could not stop the trusty waterspout. The U.S. Geological Survey said that a 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck at Yellowstone, centered close to six miles away from the geyser Old Faithful. The quake was part of a series of more than 100 tremors in the park since last Tuesday. . . . “

UPDATE, Sept. 23

The Watchers – Triple swarm of earthquakes rocks Yellowstone National Park

For people following the ideas about the North American Craton Plate being way too active in side to side motion this is frightening news. frowny2  The Yellowstone area is extra scary because it sits on a huge ancient volcano. Video from the weather channel on it. Volcano under Yellowstone bigger than previously thought


14 thoughts on “Yellowstone Earthquake Sept 16

  1. I heard about some quakes at Yellowstone last week, too.  I checked into Yellowstone “ground swell,” which could likely be an indication of magma movement below ground causing the seismic activity.  I found USGS GPS annual deformation data for one location, Snake River Plain.  Some stations show ground swell and some stations show ground deformation.  USGS uses to obtain GPS deformation data.  Bayou Corne officials should talk to about obtaining GPS deformation on the entire Napoleonville salt dome.

    USGS: Volcano Hazards Program – Yellowstone Monitoring: Monitoring Deformation in Yellowstone National Park

    Permanent GPS Network – Yellowstone and Snake River Plain

    I found interesting videos and articles while checking for ground swell data.  This media came out in 2011 when a small earthquake swarm occurred in the Yellowstone area.


    Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells

    Supervolcano Under Yellowstone Causes Ground to Swell

    Yellowstone Is A Super Volcano Overdue For Eruption

  2. Wyoming EQ of 4.9 USGS or 5.2 GEOFON (european report) yesterday. The 4.9 designation, means you have to go LOOK for it. Like the Yellowstone quake..what you dont know..(sarcasm)

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  5. Just a little information on how things are progressing.

    Yellowstone earthquake activity in September was at elevated levels during the above swarms but, has returned to a relatively normal background level by October 1, 2013.
    Slow subsidence of the caldera, which began in early 2010, continues. Current deformation patterns at Yellowstone remain within historical norms.

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