Emergency at Bayou Corne. Explosion.


Freedomrox reportsMany residents have reported a small explosion about an hour and a half ago and a picture has been posted that looks to be either the flaring of a pipeline coming from Crosstex, or where the pipeline has been breached. A police car was seen by a resident but John B. had not been notified, until reported by another resident. [This] picture taken by cellphone. More news as it comes in.

Picture from late afternoon :   “It looks too low to be a flare, but it is possible they are flaring a pipeline”

fire922This picture was taken out just east of Crosstex’s gates across from Gator’s Corner

WBRZ says the wind is easterly for those worried about fumes.  Double check local weather.

The last update about the amount of butane down below from Crosstex is Sept. 15th :


Monday afternoon update from Freedomrox (in comments).

NBC 33 – Bayou Corne residents demand answers regarding flaring at Crosstex  

BAYOU CORNE,LA (NBC33) — People living in Bayou Corne were startled by a the sight of a massive flame coming of a flare in the Crosstex Processing Services facility off Hwy. 70 next door to the Texas Brine Company, Sunday evening. They tell NBC33 they never got a warning about the flaring. . . .

“. . . McMillan said the company contacted the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office prior to the start of flaring, but the company never notified Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness John Boudreaux until Monday morning. Boudreaux agreed the flaring was consistent with industry standards.”  ummm hmmm.

For the record there was no notification on the Assumption Parish blog, the little used Texas Brine “update page” or the similarly out-of-date Crosstex “update” page.  Also the photo does not resemble other photos of routine flaring.


(9-28) Crosstex was supposed to tell everybody they were doing that flare if their story is to be believed. More on that. We think they don’t bother obeying orders from Conservation. We also think (opinion) they weren’t on the site when this thing happened and they just lie to everybody about the facility being manned “24/7”.

UPDATES WILL GO HERE as soon as we get them.

77 thoughts on “Emergency at Bayou Corne. Explosion.

  1. Doubt it’s a flaring of a pipeline as surely that would be done in a clearing not in the middle of a bunch of trees that look like they are getting properly incinerated.

  2. Where in relationship is the fire to Lake Fubar. Maybe we can determine by an arieal view if it’s a pipeline or a leak from methane in the ground.

  3. These were not on the Arkansas recorder
    On Sept. 22, 2013 at 10:11 CDT time on LA10 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne, LA surface recorder.

    On Sept. 22 2013 at 10:11 CDT on LA11 HHZ YC — : Bayou Corne, LA recorder and 12, 14 as well.

    At Sept. 23, 2013 at 07:23 CST on LA11 HHZ YC — : Bayou Corne, LA recorder and 12, 14

    • I think things are falling ‘from the ceiling’ into the cavern … but it’s just a guess.
      No official statement about anything from the parish. They usually announce when they set up new flaring sites.

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  5. I’m not positive, but my guess is that the FIRE is due east of Lake Fubar & south of that square pool.

    I have doubts that it is a flare, for the following reasons…

    The fire is burning from ground level, so where is the equipment to shut off the ‘flare’, which seems to be somewhat wide for something coming out of a pipe. And aren’t flares usually well above ground level.

    My guess is that it’s one of the many out-gassing methane(?) sources that are plaguing the area.


    But the one question that hasn’t yet been asked here is…

    How did it start ??

    In an area well known for being waterlogged, it doesn’t leave that many sources of ignition.

    Man-made –
    Somebody careless with a lit cigarette, near a source of methane(?) gas bubbles.
    Equipment failure (?) – NO apparent equipment.

    Natural –
    one or more gas or chemical sources have combined with the methane(?) allowing spontaneous combustion on contact with air.


    That last one is the most scary, because if true, could really change the stakes in the southern states of America.

    • I am goin’ batty checking news every hour and finding nothing … and I know they ( the press) know from multiple sources.

      • Well… weird. I’ve been scanning Twitter-feeds, different search-term variants, browsers, & etc., for anything about it- and I got nuthin’. Where were the initial local reports reported?

        Not a flaring expert, but- it does look different (no stack, low to the ground) than any images of well-flares.

        Anyhow, it’s just plain scary to even think of open flames, vented and/or upwelling gasses and vapors and stuff… if I lived there, I’d be freaked out, too. All the time, every night and day.

        Flying into New Orleans at night is an unnerving experience.

      • The report is from alarmed locals via FR.
        I know what you mean about flying. When you drive to NYC at night on elevated highways there appear to be factories full of fire in NJ or PA. Constant big flame from tall stacks.

  6. Searching for any sort of news on it, I found this article from last year:

    October 12, 2012
    Fire burned 40 feet high early Thursday morning at Crosstex Energy LP’s Napoleonville Salt Dome cavern facility, an unexpected event the company spokesperson told reporter Deborah Dupré Friday. An hour earlier, USGS seismic monitors indicated increased activity.


      • Yep, but I posted it as a reference- I didn’t know there was such a thing as an emergency flaring mechanism. But it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that they “don’t know why it triggered”.

        Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse anybody with the date!

      • ok. It was just some words in the headline looked just like what was happening yesterday.
        Yes, it is a good ref. 🙂

  7. Well if anyone’s running a book on this put me down for 10 pounds on

    Fractured gas pipe caused by subsidence from sinkhole.

  8. I think this happen at LA-11 recorder this morning.
    Emergency Flaring ?
    Sept. 23, 2013 12:00 AM to 12:00 to PM CDT

    Sept. 23, 2013 12:01 PM to 23:59 PM CST

  9. LATEST UPDATE: Reporter Kris Cusanza with WBRZ WVLA NBC 33 has received a statement from Parish Officials, and they have stated that this was routine maintenance and flaring on the part of Crosstex.

    I don’t buy it. I have seen the video and the picture above speaks volumes. If this was a flare, then it was completely consumed in flames from the ground up. Even if this were true, then there is a terrible problem with that flare, if it is puffing out smoke. Flares are supposed to be tuned to burn any gas clean, otherwise, particulates escape and play havoc with the flares control surface, not to mention the by-products vented into the atmosphere. Somebody is telling a fib. I reckon loud booms are just routine as well.

    • Agree
      Black smoke looks like its from the organic matter burning (looks like you can see a silhouette of a tree alight in Center of flame) and if you compare the width of the base of the flame ( as others have noted it is at ground level) compared to size of trees in background the width of the base of the flame is very wide.

    • I don’t buy the flare story either but I can tell you that if gas hits a flare fast and overwhelms it it can escape unburned until there is enough air to complete the triangle, fuel, air, and ignition. When it does ignite it will explode. If heavier hydrocarbons, such as gasoline and maybe the light side of kerosene become entrained in the gas they can hit the flare and cause them to smoke, they require more air for complete combustion.

  10. OK, there’s a large open fire burning just above some vegetation with a forest 50 feet away. The vegetation could dry out enough to reach flash point or a spark could send this large open fire in the direction of the forest. The fire could jump to the forest via the dry grass and dead leaves and stems hanging from the vegetation. If the vegetation is growing on dry soil, then you have all kinds of combustible materials to aid the fire. Maybe the fire is being monitored by an unseen official. I still don’t see any mention of “bayou fires” on WBRZ.

    Doesn’t the Police Jury and LDNR monitor this type of situation?
    Where are they? Is the shut-off valve,if present, computer controlled?

  11. We need to get General Honore in on this. This story told to NBC 33 looks like a quickly made up “cover” story.
    The fire is at ground level or nearly that … some crazy flaring if that’s their story!

    • The General is kept up to date by myself and others on FB. The frustration with ‘officials’ is reaching a tipping point. Crosstex has been given a free pass to do whatever it wants in an ‘Evac zone’, and the people are getting damn tired of it.

      • Great news (about the Gen.!) …I am a big fan. I think this ‘incident’ neeeds a look at to see if public was at risk or if motorists were.
        This is so fishy. That’s why I am not taking ’emergency’ out of the headline.
        It was an emergency, ignored by the ‘officials’.

  12. Bayou Corne residents demand answers regarding flaring at Crosstex

    I still don’t buy their story. It seems a mystery to me why any Companies involved within a ‘Evac’ zone would think that any of their business practices are just fine and dandy, out in the open air and without any word of warning, to the very nervous and rightfully so, residents and general public. Treating the Community as if it was a mushroom makes for harsh feelings, and does nothing to quite the nerves of a raw population.

    • Texas Brine must have paid John Boudreaux his back Emergency Preparedness pay to silence him from making videos about falling cypresses, or the truth of how deep that sinkhole is. Probably paid APPJ the back pay they owed them also, as they all seem buddy, buddy now; the Parish, Texas Brine, Crosstex and Mr. Boudreaux himself. Boy, they’ve sure got each other’s backs again. Love the see no, hear no, speak no……

    • So they allegedly contacted the sheriffs office ! And they didn’t ask if other relevant parties had been notified? This cover story has almost As many holes in it as the salt dome itself.
      Out of interest I notice that Well 1 contains “normal butane” whilst Well 2 contains “butane”
      Any idea whats not normal about the butane in Well2?

      • I think the cover story stinks also.
        A] the site is supposed to have people there ‘monitoring’ things. We’re pretty sure no one is there at nights or on holidays.
        B] There are supposed to be ‘alarms’ there.
        C] There is supposed to automatic community notification from e-mail alert etc.
        D] If Crosstex decided to flare on top of a huge amount of butane they were obliged to tell everyone I’d think.
        E] As usual, DEQ isignoring the air quality

        I don’t know about different types of butane. Maybe there’s a raw product and a sell-ready product? I only know they violate the state directive being so late with mandatory “updates”.– Or else DNR has the updates and has too much contempt for the public to post updates within 24 hrs like they should.

      • Texas Brine must have noticed both the APPJ and John Boudreaux were speaking out the truth and paid them their back pay. It was refreshing for the short time Mr. B made the videos showing the correct depth of the sinkhole and of the trees being sucked in. It appears he’s been paid in full and a faithful spokesman for the corporations again. Hear no, see no, speak no …….

      • I think he has a future job offer with fabulous salary he couldn’t turn down.
        That’s how these dogs work.

      • Normal Butane is pure butane, if it is listed as butane it may have isobutane or other compounds in the butane family mixed with it.

  13. Wonder who Crosstex’s insurance carrier is. A few nasty grams making sure the insurance will cover an accident caused by intentional flames/flaring near a methane sinkhole just MIGHT make Crosstex take heed. Or lose insurance. BUT since the insurance companies do not seem to be rushing to help Bayou Corne residents with any of the sinkhole disasters ..probably would not do much in any case. I sure hope residents have flood insurance which covers water from the sinkhole. On CrossTex, This would be a GREAT news story- revealing the insurance coverage(or lack or) issues, government ‘deals,’ the amount of CASH funds available in an accident from the government ‘oil/gas’ tax covering over and above oil/gas required insurances. For nuclear plants, it is a total of 300 M in insurance; oil/gas probably has a similar baseline figure.any lawyers listening? I hope….

    • There was a bunch on the topic with West Texas was destroyed by rotten plant that got a ‘pass’ from EPA to be rotten all the live long day.
      Texas and Louisiana both have flimsy insurance requirement laws.
      But STATE has liability too (in my opinion) as they KNOW and issue PERMITS and officially sanction Crosstex’s rotten biz.

      • Would the well have needed flaring? As it (from 9 day old data) is about a third full ? So over pressure venting would seem unlikely unless its been topped up A LOT in the last 9 days.

  14. Flares will smoke if the gas is rich, not enough air to complete the combustion. Also if heavier compounds requiring more air reach the flare tip.

  15. This 2-minute video must represent the feelings of the Bayou Corne residents by now.

    Watch “Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)” on YouTube
    Watch “Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)” on YouTube

  16. Excuse me, do you know where Freedomrox is hidding? Pardon me, have you seen Freedomrox? Where is that Freedomrox? Pst, hey Freedomrox.

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