7.8 Quake in Pakistan – Seismos React, updates

Did it show on the helicorders at Bayou Corne?

Here is LA17-02 – others look like this too. The Pakistan quake was about at 6:30 a.m.  (within a min.) CST.


Pakistan is not ‘opposite’ Louisiana on the globe. Opposite Louisiana would be in the sea between Japan and Australia.

9 A.M. Update (CST)       .     heli_button

Over 2 hours after the big Pakistan quake the helicorders are still very active (off the charts). There have been some big aftershocks. Are these steady zig-zags on the helicorders aftershocks? It would make jumps we’d think, not constant close zig-zags like we see.
Perhaps the big first quake SET SOMETHING OFF UNDER LAKE FUBAR.

See Comments here for info about the new island formed by the quake.

(9-25)  BBC – Pakistan quake island off Gwadar ’emits flammable gas’

 Thanks to WhyIsTheSkyFalling for news tip – 😉

flying cuttlefish picayune

INFO  (text)


It happened about 7:30 a.m. EST – it was followed by a 5.9 quake and there may be more. 15 KM deep.


DetailsThe WatchersMassive and very dangerous earthquake magnitude 7.8 struck Pakistan

LINK –  http://youtu.be/NCDEAv1BInw

(9-25)   BBC – Pakistan quake island off Gwadar ’emits flammable gas’

Before Its News – Pakistan’s earthquake island created by methane gas in Arabian Sea ‘will not last’ REALLY ?

[snip]  ” . . .  Professor Shamim Ahmed Shaikh, chairman of the department of geology at Karachi University, said the island, which has not been named, would disperse within a couple of months.

He said it happens along the Makran coast because of the complex relationship between tectonic plates in the area. Pakistan sits close to the junction of three plates — the Indian, Arabian and Eurasian.

“About a year back an island of almost…

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38 thoughts on “7.8 Quake in Pakistan – Seismos React, updates

  1. Here is a list of other webcorders–but LOOK at Monroe, LA recording. Its goes crazy.and stay crazy..same the other local ones. Whats happening, or is this just the earth sloshing with the force of the 7.8 EQ?

    • have to wait … I asked expert, PuterMan from Quake Watch to give opinion.
      I think Pakistan quake caused a big slippage below Bayou Corne or whole coastal area.

      • It makes sense that any movement that shows on the helicorders reflects movement in the area that the helicorders are recording. Doesn’t matter what triggered the movement. It does matter what this movement triggers in the Napoleonville Dome, which the local sheriff refers to as Swiss cheese and fragile.

    • wow!
      I wonder if everything is falling down in the caverns and it is ‘under cover’ of Pak quake so it is getting ignored.
      I’d like to see what that new flame thrower near Crosstex is shooting out now!
      Local B.C. folks with video-in-phone should do a drive-by and record it for You Tube.

      • I suspect that the P-waves went through the planet and not just through the surface rocks.

        The smaller waves where from those P-waves that took the longest route, and so had a chance to lose strength.

        The BIG waves would be those that went through the mantle, and you’d be getting ripples from deflection off the planet’s core and the under-surface of the planet. And that I believe is why it carried on for so long… Like throwing a brick into a pond, one hell of a splash and lots of ripples.

        Of course it may just be because it’s one BIG-ASSED QUAKE.

      • and NO WORD of warning from police jury, USGS, Blue Ribbons (who know all about this) or any entity “in the know”….

      • Fcf… There’s ALWAYS a bigger-assed quake coming. Whether it’s within the next 48 hours, there’s no way to know. But they are getting more frequent, and I believe it’s just a matter of time before something closer to home snaps, and then all bets are off. You may even get to see the gulf states go under the gulf of mexico.

        And if you think that’s unlikely, consider what would happen if a 7+ happened in the Caribbean fault zones, or in Central america, both of which are hotting up ???


        As for “…NO WORD of warning from police jury, USGS, Blue Ribbons (who know all about this) or any entity “in the know”…”

        I’d side with them on the lack of warning. Giving a warning would only serve to increase tension.

        The only reason that the Pakistan quake may affect the sinkhole is because it’s as fragile as Swiss cheese. And even with that quake, I’d still only give it a 60% chance of something kicking-off.

      • …I’d be curious to know IF anybody reported seeing ripples in standing water, or felt shaking in the ground or structures, during the time that the helicorders went BATS!!!

        I’d also expect them to go Code 3 for a day or two. Just in case.

      • thanks for observation. In local Louisiana time it would have been when people were getting ready to go to work so hopefully everything got noticed.

      • Or nothing… If it was less than a 3 when it reached Louisiana, then only seismographs will pick it up. I’d be surprised if it registered at more than 1.5.

  2. Have just had a look at the UK Helicorders to see how the Pakistan quake showed up here,
    Helicorder in Edinburgh (Scotland, North of UK) http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli_dir_shz/EDI_SHZ_GB_00.2013092400.gif
    And Helicorder in Hurstmonceux (South East of UK) http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli_dir_shz/HMNX_SHZ_GB_00.2013092400.gif
    Considering that the helicorders at the sinkhole are twice as far away from the quake epicentre as the UK, they make interesting side by side comparisons in the length of duration of registered activity and differences if forces felt. (I know distance is not the only factor to be taken into account) Please also note the base timeline is 30 minutes not 15 like the sinkhole ones.

    • Yes, I saw on the news yesterday, that the government there was warning the curious to stay off the island as “dangerous gasses” were coming from the site. Best article that I’ve seen on it, though. We have mud volcanoes out in the GOM that also vent methane and other gasses….but, an island just appearing! Amazing!!! Saw footage of it growing out of the ocean. Haven’t looked for it but, I’m sure it’s around somewhere. Does seem very odd to me that it occurred 750 miles from the epicenter of the quake. As far as sink a well there…I’m sure they’ve had quite a few nearby for some time!

  3. Another quake in PAKISTAN

    Magnitude Mw 6.8
    Region PAKISTAN
    Date time 2013-09-28 07:34:08.0 UTC
    Location 27.27 N ; 65.55 E
    Depth 20 km
    Distances 808 km NE of Muscat, Oman / pop: 797,000 / local time: 11:34:08.0 2013-09-28

    Showing up on helicorders.

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