Tuesday News

Parish Blog: Cavern 3 dropped a foot. And they report they are doing lots of work.  Maybe they  are making the helicorders jump with trucks etc..

Texas Brine’s letter to Conservation is up (9-23).  These have been slow in showing on the DNR website.  The attached charts show what they doing with the vacuum cleaner.

From Real Coastal WarriorsCrowley tugs deliver largest offshore oil platform to Gulf of Mexico =sigh=

The updates about the big fire or flaring operation near Crosstex’s butane caverns on Sunday will get added to that post (scroll down).  Negligent Crosstex has not given out an ‘update‘ for 9 days. They have not explained where their 24/7 men were who were supposed to be minding the store.

NOTE: The seismic news today will get added into the NEXT POST

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