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Waiting for the lull to be over at Lake FUBAR  . . .

The Seattle TimesSinkhole is 25 acres and growing, swallows forest and swamp

We missed this news about a home explosion in West Kentucky earlier – 2nd person dies from injuries suffered in western Ky. house explosion and WPSD tv report – One dead, four injured in local home explosion  [ Note new readers – we put up explosion news in case H2S or methane are related to them ]

Darrell Goad vid is especially good –


Storage dome collapses at Nucor plant in St. James

New York – Salt mine issues resurface

” . . .  The rush of water into the mine also impacted ground water resources and surface stability over a wide corridor in the Genesee Valley. Building foundation damage and well water loss and contamination were reported in Leicester, York, Geneseo, Mount Morris, Avon, and Groveland. In a Memorandum of Understanding agreed upon between Akzo-Nobel, its insurer Zurich International, and the New York Attorney General, the company and insurer made a promise to compensate property owners for damaged buildings, and to pipe, truck or otherwise supply potable water to properties which suffered well water loss or contamination.”

Crosstex caught up with the “updates” to Sept. 22.

Crosstex_9_22catch upCLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

Seismic activity picked up on the helicorders is from a giant 7.0 quake off Peru.

Very strong earthquake M 7.0 struck off the coast of Acari, southern Peru


  • 2.3 quake in Damascus, Arkansas < MAP < about 50 miles from Arkansas rad_Y_tiny nuke plant
  • 2.1 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP
  • 2.2 quake in Philadelphia, Tennessee < MAP < near Watts Bar rad_Y_tiny nuke plant and a little further from Sequoia rad_Y_tiny nuke plant



81 thoughts on “Wed. News

      • Want some news FcF? The Blue Ribbon Commission’s answer to Mike Schaff’s question about the DPVE, and if or how it would affect their decisions regarding the lifting of the ‘Mandatory Evacuation’ Order. All of you owe Mr. Schaff a big ‘Thanks’ for bringing this issue out into the open, and spurring the BRC to address the community, and give what comfort it can. WTG, Mike!

        Snippet: This has led to some members of the community and others to wonder whether or not this system could be used to satisfy the standing BRC criterion that “in order to lift the evacuation order, gas pressure in the MRAA and overlying aquitard has to be maintained at or below hydrostatic pressure.”

        This question was posed to the BRC and after discussions and deliberation, the BRC offers the following comments:
        • The BRC continues to recommend that one of the benchmarks it will use to recommend to state and parish officials when it would be safe to lift the evacuation order is that gas pressure in the MRAA and overlying aquitard has to be reduced to and then maintained at or below hydrostatic pressure.

      • Mike Schaff has been great.
        He has some choice words for the Blue Ribbons. But since I didn’t have re-print permission I didn’t put them here.
        The BRC may be in a legal bind later with that answer they gave him!

      • I was referring to some (unposted) e-mails sent around. Some forwarded to me but not sent by him.
        Now he is in that Seattle Times article (Wed. News) by way of the New York Times. So millions know he said –

        “Everything they’re doing, they were forced to do,” Mike Schaff, one of those who is leaving, said of the officials. “They’ve taken no initiative. I wanted to stay here. But the community is basically destroyed.”

        Quite a guy!

  1. Alabama mine explosion, know anything about that?

    M 2.8 Mining_explosion – 14km WSW of Cordova, Alabama
    Time2013-09-24 10:39:46 UTC-05:00Location33.690°N 87.313°WDepth0.0km

    • Recent Earthquakes in Central US
      All Earthquakes on Index Map It’s got the depth of the quake I should say how deep it was in the ground as well.
      Earthquakes recorded for the last six months. Times are local (CST or CDT). The most recent earthquakes are at the top of the list.
      In Eastern Tennessee those quake are more from mountain building and the release of water from Dams.
      The two mountain chains in Eastern Tennessee the names are The Appalachian Mountain chain or Cumberland Plateau and the Blue Ridge Mountain chain.
      Between those to mountain chains is a valley name Tennessee Valley or “Great Valley”.
      Tennessee Valley Divide
      “Great Valley”

      The Tennessee Valley water drainage basin from eastern TN to southwest Kentucky.
      I take in Eastern Tennessee and Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee.
      The Appalachians Part 1

  2. Peru is rocking and rolling now

    M 6.8 – 80km SSW of Acari, Peru

    DYFI? – IIITsunami Warning Center
    Time2013-09-25 11:42:45 UTC-05:00Location16.100°S 74.900°WDepth33.0km

  3. There are three routes out of Bayou Corne, that you can take on foot, or via wheeled vehicle, but on Saturday, September 28, 2013 & Sunday, September 29, 2013 there will only be two. Hwy 69 will be partially closed.

    You may want to bare this in mind should you need to pass through or get out of Bayou Corne in a hurry.

    Assumption Parish Police Jury

    September 25, 2013
    1:45 p.m. Message from DOTD, non sinkhole related

    There will be lane closures on LA 69 from LA 70 (intersection at Gator Corner) to the Iberville Parish Line starting on Saturday, September 28, 2013 thru Sunday, September 29, 2013. The closures will be from 6:30 A.M. until 6:30 P.M. daily (weather permitting). These closures are needed for crews to install new asphalt surfacing on LA 69.

    These closures will allow vehicles 11’ wide or smaller to travel through the construction zone.

    DOTD appreciates your patience and reminds you to please drive with caution through the construction site and be on the lookout for work crews and their equipment.

    • oh, it’s probably another foreign quake … or they installed a vacuum cleaner over it.
      I keep getting tricked by graphs!

      • I think the entire roof of the salt dome is coming down after looking at LA-11 recorder.
        Subsidence and collapse what is cap rock in a salt dome.

        Bureau of economic geology – Texas water development board
        and collapse associated with salt domes; (2) statistical analysis of regional ….. Map of sinkhole locations and salt structure on top of cap rock, Boling Dome. 7.

        When a given volume of material is removed and nothing is inserted to replace it, the capability of the remaining rock to support the overburden load is weakened.
        As a result of man dissolution resource removal in combination with natural processes of salt and cap-rock dissolution, those domes with a history of significant mass transfer of domal material have a history of surface subsidence and collapse.

      • Walter, this from your doc from Texas Bureau of Economic Geology…

        [We conclude that domes may be suitable hosts for permanent isolation of some types
        of toxic chemical waste in solution-mined caverns in salt. Not all domes are appropriate
        sites for toxic waste disposal owing to uncertainties about dome size, shape, and depth, salt
        heterogeneities, cap-rock lost-circulation zones, hydrologic and structural stability, growth
        history, and the effects of resource exploration and development.]

        Reminds me of today’s pharmaceutical advertisements 🙂

      • These readings are coming from the air, containing H2S, so you know it is going through the pipeline feeding the only flares on the East Side, meaning that the flares are burning H2S, thereby creating SO2 that the air monitors are picking up. Most of this is coming from Pad 9, where Oxy 3A is situated.

      • That is Water Well 7 but not the cause of the tree loss, as the water wells contain the same substances as the MRAA itself. This localized phenomena is well known, and explained here:

        Differential movement between the low-density salt and down-building of overlying and adjacent sedimentary deposits appears to have a wedging (space creating) effect on the faults, which may initiate brine water and gas movement up fault planes. The water and gas in turn may lubricate the fault plane surfaces and cause instability along fault segments. Brine and gas may also cause vegetation changes at the surface and indicate areas of active or potential movement.
        Localized natural and anthropomorphic events that may trigger fault movement include flood and storm water loading, compaction, dewatering and fluid withdrawal. Removal of oil, gas and produced water may cause localized subsidence and fault movement. Link

      • Thanks.
        The spot isn’t right next to the tree loss area but they have moved lots of butane thru #7 this week and it seems chancy to me.

      • Water Wells only supply the transfer waters within a Salt Cavern, and nothing travels through the water wells but their source, which is the MRAA aquifer…contaminated as hell.
        Water Wells are for supplying fresh enough waters to obtain brine from the Brine Caverns, and nothing moves thru them.

  4. Flycuttlefish said:
    “Hemming Kemner said if the Gulf coast salt zone ‘cracks off’ it will lower the Gulf a mile and a half. That’d be the end o’ me and this blog
    Given this, do you mean the gulf coast, or the gulf body of water? How far inland Do you think this salt shelf sits under?

    And where are you located?

      • Jackson Mississippi is 260 ish miles north of grand isle Louisiana for a reference point of distance.
        If your a stranger to God, I’d suggest you repent and make amends with the Lord.

      • And sleep in apparel you can run out of your house in in the middle of the night.
        And crooks who know about this Gulf mess and the BP mess can help their conscious if they stop the silence and tell the truth for once.

        Money is no substitute for being a help to the future.

        All you have at the end is how you lived your life.

      • I think I will be as safe as anyone on the Louisiana beach lookin’ at shells!
        Very scary these days with Pacific Rim going so nuts daily.

      • Tony, I read a document about creating a 250-mile evacuation or exclusion zone along the US Gulf of Mexico coast years ago, while seaching for information on the Deep Water Horizon disaster. I can’t find the document in a quick search. I’ll try later.

      • try looking way down on the sidebar next to the Jindal Petition. 2 links to popular ideas posted here.

    • I am on the south side of the Gulf and to the right.
      He has a chart of his idea showing how the Gulf coast sits on a shelf extending over the sea and how it can break off like a soda cracker.
      Given his underwater vid of what was coming out of the Macondo rig (huge cables) and the ordnance dumped there and the evidence BP blew the rig on purpose …. I think it’s ‘game over’ for about everybody.
      No investigation by any serious entity into BP.
      No clean up of ordnance.
      No investigation of Gulf rigs and heroin traffic thru KBR
      No examination of post Macondo spill fissures
      Rejecting evidence of massive methane leaks inland
      No discussion or notice of the New Madrid fault activity except to try and destroy the record of it (USGS)
      etc. etc. has me thinking there will be no resolution of the Texas Brine disaster but even worse hemisphere disaster looms.
      Just an opinion.
      Watch Kemner (long!) video.

      Many of the suppressed items have been posted here, especially location of faults oil companies would like to ignore.
      The only reason to side with the more paranoid view of the situation is the idea no one could eff things up this badly except ON PURPOSE.
      No insistence readers here all agree. Just seen too many awful “mistakes” centered on the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. One would have to question did TB use the right metallurgy in piping these flares, H2S is very corrosive. Could be what happened to the flare in the picture. If H2S is present they need to install a scrubber system on these flares. Someone needs to call the NRC, they get involved when there is a release with H2S.

    • I read that rad waste also increases corrosion. It comes up in discussion now about leaking tanks (made cheaply) now leaking waste water at Fukushima.

  6. On the use of the ‘vacume’ system, the Blue Ribbon Commission should have the COMPANY providing the systems CERTIFY the safety of the system usage in this situation. TEXAS Brine did get assurances it would work..and was safe to let people move back to their homes..right??? (sarcasm). I still remember the one guy in the video with reassurances..does he own stock in the company???

    • whyyyy doesn’t Texas Brine buy the houses??
      They can use them to store stuff etc. and it would be sooo much cheaper than paying for a tragedy.
      Plus their insurance should pick up the tab.
      That’s why I put in the NY item here… how that salt co. bought all the homes they damaged and it is probably more homes than Texas Brine would need to buy.
      I feel bad for everyone 2 feet away from where Texas Brine says they have responsibility.

  7. Off topic for this post but have just caught up on the Blog updates from The from the Office of Conservation Sept 26th and the following confirms previous thoughts on the waste water from the pumps.

    – Installing flow meters from DPVE/ORW water tanks for discharge into sinkhole

    If this water is now “safe” why isn’t it being pumped into other water courses rather than stirring up the sinkhole ?

    I also noticed from the 24th Sept this line

    – Installing gates on containment berm entries

    That should stop people getting access to post those troublesome videos to the Net of trees slipping into the abyss and bringing this disaster to a wider audience.

  8. Thanks to a reader here – the post about the Pakistan quake and new island is updated with newer articles. Dutchsinse says it is not a mud volcano.

  9. I see Crostex have just dribbled out updates for the 23rd & 24th, funny how the totals are identical to those from the 22nd? After the “planned flaring” sure they didn’t flow any gas to fix any broken pipes?

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