Bayou Corne gets International Attention

Attorney, Stuart Smith – More much-needed global attention for Bayou Corne

“Beyond the shock value and the terrible situation for a couple hundred salt-of-the-earth folks who live there, the complete story of Bayou Corne touches on many of the grand themes of the environmental movement: Corporate greed and neglect, short-sighted management of resources, as well as bureaucratic and even political neglect at the highest levels. That’s why it was surprising to see the story ignored outside of a few local reporters — and also why it was gratifying to wake up today and see the story on the front page of the New York Times as well as its website, including artwork from our good friends at the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, or LEAN. As you might expect, the piece helps bring a large audience of new readers up to speed. . .  “

Hey, we’re “groupies”, everybody!  Where’s that Beatles wig?

New York Times article. < also reprinted in Seattle Times (Wed. News). It has a new diagram. PHOTOS


Unlike the International Business Times article from Aug. 22nd, it doesn’t add link here when it talks about social media sites about Bayou Corne.   As we near a million visits they may be getting nervous at the Gray Lady (or whatever they call the 9-11 fund funded spanking new skyscraper they got for free in midtown).

We’re sure the people who want to know what the BP disaster/crime has to do with Texas Brine’s hole will quickly find us. Just like the reporters who need maps of the butane caverns, the quick facts on salt domes or dish on Jindal withholding aid do.

Are they getting nervous in oil-industry-P.R.-land?  We hope so.


27 thoughts on “Bayou Corne gets International Attention

  1. While it appears at first glance that this is an article bringing the sinkhole trauma of Bayou Corne to the attention of folks who previously had never heard of it, reading into the article shows the journalist is using the opportunity to imply that those of us concerned and upset about what is being caused by corporate greed with no concern for our Earth or people’s lives are (rolling eyes, smug little smile) crazy “conspiracy theorists”, you know, those same folks who believe leaders of Our Special Country could have had anything to do with flying jetliners into buildings and killing thousands of innocent people. It also states that the government of Louisiana has put forth stringent new regulations regarding salt dome storage. Also it only mentions butane, propane, natural gas. How about all the other toxic chemicals as well as nuclear waste? Maybe it’s a beginning.

    • The NY Times began reviving the word “conspiracy” to defame anyone who mentioned that box thing that appeared on GW Bush’s back at a debate where he was obviously wired. Now they trot it out for anything they want to denounce.
      see also – Why “They” Don’t Want the Young to Know About Trotsky

      They want to control all discourse as well as all info.
      But they don’t want to talk about
      etc. etc.

  2. national attention, and little action toward a solution of containment of the sinkhole may only be the setting of the stage before the disasterous event unfolds . Enabeling the survivors to accept it as an inevitable event. I would say we are getting close to the big boom now.

    • I would say so too.
      And they want to steer readers to troll-controlled social media outlets they approve of. Obvious by calling us ‘groupies’ and not even including a link with the trivializing description.
      But when tv news tried to dismiss ‘EMP’ clue in Navy Yard shooting it all backfired on them and got everyone doing web searches on “MK Ultra” and renting ‘The Manchurian Candidate’.

      • Pretty impressive blog flycuttlefish, looks like you are pretty well versed on things. Not many people have heard of Trowbridge Ford.
        The way Bayou Corne appears to me, it is a bit like letting the air out of a balloon, something is bound to collapse.

        By the way the NYT simply calls any opinion they did not manufacture a conspiracy. That they conspire to keep people ignorant is the biggest conspiracy going.

      • Trow used to write for Ramparts and other mags. Oldies know him. He’s known in the spook writing field. (he’s on FC blog)

  3. Groupies 🙂 I certainly don’t link the collapse of the salt cavern wall to the BP disaster…I don’t think I’ve heard anyone do that. I guess some have linked the gasses coming out of the sinkhole to methane migration from the BP disaster. I don’t really watch those videos when they are posted so, I don’t know exactly what those folks are saying. However, gas migrating through the sediment weakens it and has been known to cause landslides. That fact is in many geology studies. Also, the Louisiana coastline has seen monumental landslides in the past. That is also in many geology papers. BP’s blowout occurred in an unstable, previous landslide site. All that oil and gas migrating up through a fractured seafloor has certainly weakened the area even further. Think of all the other blowouts that have occurred throughout that whole region of the gulf. All of the geological studies that have been pulled out of LSU, Texas universities, USGS and others, which have been posted here…we “groupies” have become familiar with gas migration through sediment weakens…causes landslides, subsidence stressed faults, fault induced subsidence, canals as cause of coastal erosion, induced earthquakes mechanically decoupling sediments from the underlying crust, dissolution of salt causing subsidence…and on and on. We’ve seen the maps of the holes punched into the state and Louisiana coast. Then, there’s the effect of earthquakes causing ground displacement due to lateral spreading and liquefaction. We have suffered earthquakes centered in Louisiana and out in the Gulf of Mexico. Our state was shaken during the last big New Madrid quakes as well as the big Alaska quake of ’64 (year?). All the scientists are concerned about the New Madrid right now. Just look at those seismometers at the sinkhole go wild every time there is anything above a 5M anywhere on this planet! And, let’s not forget all of the induced EQ’s from fracking and injection well disposal. I don’t think it would be crazy to fear that we are ripe for another monumental landslide. We are at least pushing our luck to the very brink!

    • Well said!
      I think they thought this post was the summary for this whole blog –

      When it is clearly stated this blog is including all ideas (except troll spam) to let readers decide. We even put up that dream vision recently. It is a revelation for the like-minded Christians, and a story of horrific impact of disaster-stress on the person who had the ‘vision’.

      We expect the readers to have the brains G*d gave geese!

      • FcF it’s people like yourself that have helped to keep this ongoing event alive. Keep being a thorn in the side of those who would like this just to be dead and buried like so many would like it to be, dont forget we are all watching from all corners of the globe.

      • Geese 🙂 You always make me giggle! Thanks! Need it. It has been a sad and stress-filled month for me…and, it doesn’t look to be getting much better. It will.

        I certainly don’t mean to knock Christian beliefs or Biblical prophecy. I am a Christian and believe every word of my Bible. Wish I were better at observing it’s direction sometimes. We all fall short. But, my goodness! Some things people espouse are soooo out there and, not grounded in science or the Bible. There is a terrible earthquake prophesied, which marks a particular place in time…if the tremendous quakes we’ve seen lately (Haiti and Japan) aren’t devastating enough to be that point in time, how truly horrific the scope of the one to come will be! It never occurred to me that it could be Louisiana…until this past year.

        As for folks linking earthquakes, well blowouts, fires from gas emissions, etc to the BP disaster…I don’t know. But, an island formed out of the seafloor the other day…in mere minutes…caused by an earthquake who’s epicenter was 750 miles away. I think there’s much we (even the scientists) have to learn about this planet. Fascinating stuff!

      • I am a creations
        The Flood Pre-Flood Atmosphere
        Dr Walt Brown 1993 – What Happened to Our Pre Flood Atmosphere

        Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Young Earth Creation

        The Young Age of the Earth – by Dr. Robert V. Gentry

  4. Boy, I’m longwinded! Sorry.

    Good time to have this hitting the press with all the media and public focused on environmental issues. “Most E-mailed.” Guess the sinkhole has a lot of “groupies” out there 🙂 I looked for a place to comment or leave a link, but didn’t see one.

  5. An environmental ethics class in Colorado is discussing the term “national sacrifice zone”. It is because of the events going on at Bayou Corne that the class found out that Rifel, CO has one of the biggest sacrifice zones in the nation. They were surprised they were’t aware of that being in the state.

    No one talks about these things. But now we are TALKING.

  6. I don’t think I put this here before but scroll down and it shows that extra tectonic plate Jack Reed was talking about. Somebody linked it at a loony site called GLP and some of the comments were this guy did not write this (part of it) a year ago, you can change the time lines on wordpress!

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