Those Nutty Conspiracy Theories

Crazy Conspiracy Theories Here


  • Faults in South Louisiana and in the Gulf Coast are ignored by oil and gas drilling boosters
  • Matt Simmons knew what BP was up to in the Gulf of Mexico and did not die of natural causes in a hot tub on a hot day
  • Sangita “Bobby” Jindal is beholden to oil and gas industry reps who ply him with campaign cash
  • The Louisiana DNR issues permits to drill in areas they know are risky and unsafe
  • State officials in Louisiana sometimes put their own interests ahead of public safety
  • Oil and gas interests own Baton Rouge
  • Methane seep is a problem miles away from Bayou Corne in South Louisiana
  • The Louisiana water supply is in danger of contamination from wreckless oil and gas drilling and state agencies tasked with water safety oversight have conflicts of interest and competency problems
  • Hundreds of thousands of gallons of butane being stored next to an Empire-State-Building-sized collapsed salt dome is unwise
  • Industry insurance companies do not do due diligence on oil and gas companies operating in Louisiana
  • The USGS hides man-made earthquake data to protect fracking-crazy oil and gas interests who are making earthquakes
  • Radioactive waste sludge stored underground in Assumption Parish is unaccounted for
  • The EPA has no teeth and lost lost its dentures
  • The fragile salt dome zone of the Gulf Coast is in danger of serious damage from industry practices and scientists know it and are silent
  • Scientists who know the  fragile salt dome zone of the Gulf Coast is in danger of serious damage depend 100% on government grants for their research
  • Louisiana residents do not get a fair shake from their own government in matters of oil and gas industry damage compensation

22 thoughts on “Those Nutty Conspiracy Theories

    • I keep hearing people say here the word mud volcano in the Gulf of Mexico that wrong that should read asphalt volcano in the Gulf of Mexico.

      I found this the speed of water and turning rock to dust.
      Glen Canyon Dam spillways June 15, 1983
      Water Cavitation and massive erosion of rock
      Challenge at Glen Canyon (Part 2)

      • And Walter, you too! Every one of you who have posted tonite are part and parcel of The Amazing Groupies Who Will Not Be Silenced. Thanks NYT, for the idea!

      • good point. Some papers say both in the same sentence.
        What is disturbing is these ‘ tar mats’ that keep coming up. The newspapers say it is BP oil turned into gunk by Corexit. But what if it is ooze coming out of a volcano? How would they know the diff?
        Add into that dangerous critters are forming in the tar mats ….

    • The better thing about a blog format over a forum etc. is all these posts have good tags so on any side topic, if you want to look something up like “mud volcano” or “Henning Kemner” you can put it in the search box and get all the posts with that topic.
      Then readers continue to build our data base with more and more great finds!

  1. The first people to cry conspiracy nuts are uneducated people lacking the will or ability to understand the situation.  People that put out these so called conspiracy theories are knowledgeable people who know specifics that we do not.  If you’ve noticed, conspiracies usually turn into factual events.

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