ALARM by Freedomrox

From his comment today – RE: 12:35 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation


“Setting up instrumentation and connections on DPVE 47 (access road west of containment berm)
– Installing flow meters from DPVE/ORW water tanks for discharge into sinkhole

My God, they are setting the sinkhole up as a repository for air-stripped clean waters from the DPVE’s and dumped in sinkhole to draw down with Oxy 3A, to brine out Oxy 2, and any free brine from sinkhole depths. This is criminal. AGAIN!

Remember Sonny Cranch has already admitted to doing this.

“Not sure what you’re asking. We did remove brine from OXY 3A and pumped it into # 2 to re-send it out as brine, since there is no connection from Oxy 3A to the brine pipeline.” Sonny Cranch

Reader, Stephen Charles noticed the same thing.

8 thoughts on “ALARM by Freedomrox

  1. Any money recieved for brine services need to go to the damaged property owners. NOT Texas Brine and NOT the LA Government. OR did a deal get cut to allow income to cover the LA government costs which Texas Brine has not paid for yet. What HAS Texas Brine paid for so far? Best if the company goes into bankrupt status, and all assets are used to pay for the damages to the TAXPAYERS of Bayou Corne. Of course, if TB has NO assets, it could be the government is trying to skin a rat…

  2. This sounds like they are continuing to mine from the cavern that is collapsing? Is that correct? Because that seems like they would actually be making the situation far worse. Could in fact cause all sorts of new problems. What exactly are they thinking putting more water into the sinkhole? Seems like everytime you all get rain or storms it causes more gas and rumbling there at lake fubar – are they trying to destroy the area and cause more problems and possible deaths? I just don’t understand.

      • That is exactly what my thoughts have been. Complete collapse, then it will be too extensive to hold any one entity responsible. Blame it on naturally occurring seismic activity, Japan earthquake and tsunami or some such thing, when in actuality the entire mess is man-made. It’s a great lesson to remember to whom you’re selling your soul and for what. The time will come to pay up. The new generation of young people who watch those bayou shows on TV and can’t wait to get to LA for the adventure and money of course don’t realize the media mind control being used by the oil, gas, petrochemical cartel to get workers there. Just looks like fun. The media targeting the naive vulnerability of youth, again.

  3. Pointed this exact line out myself on Thursday in another post, but the writing was on the wall for where the pump water was going to end up when we noticed that TB were given a permit to put water back into the sinkhole around the time the pumps were first announced.

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