Crosstex’s Butane – Business as Usual

Crosstex has 2 out-of-date-“updates”: Sept. 23, Sept. 24


What we can glean from the disaster site we often get from what Parish officials and Texas Brine choose to not divulge. The “updates” from the Office of Conservation never mention the status of the Crosstex butane or if Crosstex has been asked to do this or that. Most of Crosstex’s “updates” say they are having “normal operations”.

The most recent orders to Texas Brine were in the ‘Eighth amendment‘ (7-19) to the Declaration of Emergency. But that is for Texas Brine only. The list of orders and declarations is here. So far, Crosstex had had these marching orders from Baton Rouge:

In this study their idea of a disaster would be if 200 barrels of butane were stored in their cavern and there was nothing wrong with the cap rock(!!). They go on to say they have the place manned 24/7.

  • 09/14/12 – Declaration of Emergency for Crosstex LIG LLC < It is about Crosstex at Bayou Corne officially telling them methane is seeping up and Crosstex has to investigate it and do as-needed flaring of gas they find etc. etc. – not a word about getting rid of the butane(!!).

Part 4 of this order says they have to give Conservation DAILY updates about what they are doing. But they didn’t last Monday when there was the reported soft explosion(s) and big fire that Crosstex much later claimed to be routine flaring. And the order says Crosstex is liable for civil penalties if they flub up.




4 thoughts on “Crosstex’s Butane – Business as Usual

    • They have been extremely slack and contemptuous toward the public all of 2013 and maybe a little before that with these delayed postings.
      My idea (no proof) is that they get the updates daily. The updates sit in a big pile a week or two and when the tech savvy person shows up ( a part-time employee) that person gets around to posting them but probably has a mountain of other things to do because the trailer is on half staffing and there is no morale left working for them.

      • I’m sure you have hit the nail on the head, temp / agency staff etc its the same the world over. I look back fondly on the days when I was a person looked after by the companies “personnel department” rather than being a resource by the now HR department, but I suppose it’s a lot easier for companies to get rid of things or resources as opposed to people.
        Sorry for the rant LOL

      • … well let me continue the rant ….
        the way i wound up out of the US was by temping … fast track poverty.
        And when you see a skyline of fancy corp. skyscrapers …. look inside and about 75% of the bees inside are all temps! No loyalty, bitter, depressed, poor and anxious. Uninsured.
        So that means these fortune 500 co.s are all phoney.
        Staffed that way.
        One thing is very funny … temp 1 to temp 2 on the phone trying to correct ever-changing phone contact list for boss. Talking to Microsoft getting tel. # for Bill Gates and temp #2 says (works for him) “Who’s that?”.
        Funny if it weren’t so sad.

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