NEW! Fly Over from On Wings of Care

OWOC Bayou Corne Flyover #13

2013 September 26, Thursday
Bayou Corne, Louisiana

Our 13th flyover of the Bayou Corne sinkhole since August 13, 2012, now 13 months after the first photos we brought to the public eye. We didn’t see as much rainbow sheen on the surface of the sinkhole today, and it doesn’t look any larger than it did a month ago. Wish we could think of something else non-negative to say about this tragic situation. But the proximity of the bayous and the community to the northwest that has been destroyed make that impossible. . . . ( story + PHOTOS)


Thanks, Walter for this find – 😉

6 thoughts on “NEW! Fly Over from On Wings of Care

  1. What I noticed in the film was the large number of what appears to be trees dying behind the houses. This is the first film that showed that much area away from the sinkhole. The dying trees away from the sinkhole says something.

    • Did you see just how much water was around I should say where they have LA-11 recorder at the concrete pad it’s on.
      Did you see just how oily the water look around the homes in that flyover ?

  2. I too was impressed with this flyover. I had not been able to understand the closeness of the sinkhole to the town and how the growth of the sinkhole appears to be traveling in the direction of the town! ALl the dead trees are very sad. I was not sure if they were dead or a different mix of deciduous tree that was shedding leaves. If they are supposed to be leafy green like the rest then how much gas and oil is in the aquifer? WHat else would cause a die off like that. Looks like the town is gone for good.

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