1:35 p.m. DPVE Informational Update

Wonder what brought that about. They haven’t put community concerns in front of anything else they’ve done.

Assumption Parish Police Jury

In response to concerns raised by members of the community in regard to the potential for subsidence possibly associated with the Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction (DPVE) program discussed at the most recent public meetings, Assumption Parish OEP Incident Command and the Office of Conservation have determined that additional analysis is warranted, given the sensitive nature of this program due to its location within a community. Though the DPVE process has not been associated with significant subsidence in the experience of consultants contracted by the Office of Conservation, the decision has been made, following technical discussions this week in which Texas Brine made reference preliminary results of its own subsidence calculations, to delay shallow DPVE system installation and testing in the community until subsidence impacts and the potential need for additional measures to ensure safe removal of gas from the shallow subsurface can be evaluated. This does not affect the requirement…

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9 thoughts on “1:35 p.m. DPVE Informational Update

  1. It’s simple. It was not thought through, and the BRC slammed on the brakes! Why? Simple common sense. Honestly in the Gulf Coastal areas, the subsidence rates vary, but for Assumption Parish itself, then it has lost approximately 34″ since 1960. These are natural processes which have been sped up due to faulting, oil and gas explorations, as well as the development of Salt Domes. The point here is that if the DPVE’s do succeed in gas and water extraction in the shallow layers, then even if you have a controlled and even subsidence rate, and lower the neighborhood 2-3 ft. over time, then the surrounding swamps would still be pressured and above the actual neighborhood, and everyone knows what happens then. Stilts anyone?

    • Freedomrox, I wish I felt that believing that the BRC hadn’t thought it through. These are brilliant people and, as you have pointed out, have vested interests in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. I think they knew exactly what they were planning and didn’t count on the community figuring out what would happen once they began the extraction. It just seems they want everybody to leave their homes so they can get back to business as usual and having the residents still there is a nuisance. My lack of faith in what I’m reading about any authority person around Assumption Parish or LDNR or higher has me kinda wondering why, on one hand the residents are being urged to run away quickly but, on the other hand, are being told that soon it’s going to be safe enough to return… Very, very confusing. One thing I’ve learned, usually when things are confusing and don’t make sense, you’re not being given all the information. Hope that makes sense.

      • Actually it was Hecox and CB&I that didn’t think things through. Although, the BRC is a large part and has vested interests….also means they have the most to lose once shown to be wrong…hence the reason for my own blog.
        I wish everyone of the residents would leave, because it is the right thing to do, yet at the same time…I hate to see them be beaten down by another Corporate Disaster not of their making. None of this is simple…

    • If they had BOUGHT the homes they wouldn’t have to worry so much about damages. They are probably full of cracks etc. by now with windows and doors out of true.

  2. Speaking of screwy…the Texas Brine update said, “The disturbed subsurface area is directly below the sinkhole and only to a depth of 1000 feet.” I need to go back and look at all the depth numbers but, does that sound right? Wasn’t the breach at the bottom of the cavern? Wasn’t that below 1000 feet? Of course, the whole report ridiculously plays down everything: “As expected”, “only to a depth of 1000 feet”, is “far south of highway 70”, “generally contained within the berm” and “show no indication of abnormal movement”. It certainly doesn’t sound like there is any reason for a Declaration of Emergency.

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