Weekend News

From Wed. – [LSU] Professor addresses Bayou Corne sinkhole issues at Science Café

Crosstex – Insurers Want Out Of Suit Over Pipeline Lost To Sinkhole

Texas Brine has another factsheet out – Lake FUBAR is now 26 acres. They don’t mention the homes they ruined or plans to buy them.

(9-25) S. California – Hawthorne Residents Return Home After Methane Leak

“Roughly two dozen homes in the neighborhood of Imperial Highway and Truro Avenue were evacuated on Sept. 12 after seeping methane was detected around a local wellhead”

Texas –  State investigates new complaint of methane contamination in Parker County

9 Dead And 27 Cases Of Cholera Like Disease From Seawater In Central Florida

Publicity breakthrough! Texas Brine disaster makes it to tabloid press! The Big Lead – Roundup: Mariano Rivera in Center Field?; Huge Sinkhole in Louisiana; Man Arrested for Hacking Miss Teen USA’s Webcam


11 thoughts on “Weekend News

  1. http://dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/a-reported-9-dead-and-27-cases-of-cholera-like-disease-from-seawater-in-central-florida/

    I saw on the news last night 7 people have died from a cholera like disease known as Vibrio_vulnificus. Strangely there have been close to 30 reported cases of this and you do not see much of it on the web. You can die in about 24 hours from it and antibiotics don’t seem to help in some cases.

    We have had cases around here of the brain eating amoeba also like you reported in Louisiana.

  2. Dr. Nunn & the Science Café…sounds like something I’d like! Didn’t know they did that. Might have to go visit next time geology is the topic.

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