Big N.Z. Quake after Midnight shakes up Helicorders

It happened a few min. before 1 a.m. CST

USGS shakemap says M6.5
RSOE says 6.7 – that’s probably the correct magnitude < MAP     heli_button

Thanks to Stephen Charles for the tip – 😉

4.3 on the Pacific side of Guatamala < MAP


4 thoughts on “Big N.Z. Quake after Midnight shakes up Helicorders

    • Thanks. I recently posted quakes along the south side of the Gulf. Very scary … so many plates in rapid motion and the mid- Atlantic plate had a big one too. It is the ‘zipper’ between the Americas and Africa.

  1. That always gets my attention living in Florida and remembering the 8.0 that destroyed Haiti. Earthquakes are rare in Florida but there was about a 6.0 out in the Gulf off Tampa a few years ago. You are also correct on the mid atlantic rift. I just looked and someone is reporting successive and continuous tremors in the Virgin Islands of around 2.8 to 3.3 .

    I can sometimes sit in my car and feel the steering wheel vibrating very slightly. It is like the whole parking lot has a small steady shake as if something is going on in the earth itself.

    • I’m in a seismic zone too. I feel it night … as if a train is rumbling by. But there are no trains here. I am freaked by Haiti quake.
      I did an index to my friend, Trowbridge Ford’s long entries about CIA super weapons and helped out reposting them.
      I am not into weapons and such but I had to do a proofread and and got so freaked out. Haiti, I think was a sub weapon (shot wrong) and Pak quakes may be the same.

      I keep a big crow bar around in case of entombment … a new psycho-meme….

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