10:45 a.m. Flaring Possibility @ Crosstex

oh? That wouldn’t be because they have a lil’ problem with their cavern would it?

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Crosstex has reported to us that there is a possibility of flaring at their facility today. Maintenance of pumps and lines continue there and although unlikely, the possibility of flaring does exist. 

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5 thoughts on “10:45 a.m. Flaring Possibility @ Crosstex

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  2. Seems like normal maintenance but anything at Crosstex makes one nervous. At least they are announcing their activities.

  3. They may have realize they have the wrong metallurgy in place and are replacing it. Henceforth the fire last week at the flare base.

    • At least YOU have some insight into it. Not much from Crosstex at all. I think the helicorders are picking up work activity near Crosstex wells and not seismo activity. It’s daylight/work hours jumping on the charts.

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