Storm Track Invest 97L + Wed. News

Invest 97L heading for the center pin? Let’s hope for a gutter ball.

WWLTV – Invest 97 likely to be upgrade Thursday < It may make landfall Sat.

GOHSEP has a new Situation Summary out (10-1). Page 43 has the new stuff.  The DEQ trailer evidently went away . . . “The DEQ Command Post is scheduled to return 02 Oct” – p. 60. Last page: Science Group (remember them?) will meet tonight.

4.5 quake in Nicaragua < MAP  . . .  on the Pacific side but very skinny area of Central America.

CBS story that ran earlier this week –



Tools not being used at Bayou Corne –


The New York Times has made a lesson plan from the Texas Brine caused disaster.

This article is now available 🙂 – (9-27) Insurers Want Out Of Suit Over Pipeline Lost To Sinkhole

Strange Sounds – Breaking news: High levels of radioactivity and salinity have been found in river water and sediments near a wastewater discharge site connected to a fracking operation in Pennsylvania. < what are they doing with that waste water at Lake FUBAR again?

NOTE: we updated the earlier post about the island that formed from the Pakistan quake with this video showing methane burning on the island.


4 thoughts on “Storm Track Invest 97L + Wed. News

    • I would suppose mainly lots and lots of rain and extra weight on the collapsing salt dome (water weight) and pressure on cheaply built berms. They used old shells instead of heftier stone at the beginning (the base of the berms).
      o> .. that is a lil chick saying “cheap, cheap, cheap!”

  1. Well NOAA is shutting down..good luck with finding out see this:
    So portals, which phone apps use for weather and a lot dont work. Now I use Weather FAX, its up..for safely. Good luck on that Invest! Its hooey to shutdown automated sites! So if we don’t have them, we don’t need them, and they can save on the budget. Ax the us government web portals! Go back to pen and paper and basics! Cause internet and electric can go away..sorry I had to rant when I read the shutdown page. And they ASKED for my opinion on the web design..I told them….not much.

    • I hope all the personal servants, drivers, guards etc. for the reps walk off and say “Do it YOURSELF!”.

      OK to rant.
      If you can’t rant here where can you?

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