Breaking News – Lake FUBAR may DOUBLE in size – says Texas Brine

WAFB – Texas Brine official says giant Louisiana sinkhole could double in size < has video

“The sinkhole is at 26 acres right now. Cartwright [from United Brine] says the surface could get to 50 acres but the good news is it is moving in a southwest pattern, which is away from homes and the community.”


11 thoughts on “Breaking News – Lake FUBAR may DOUBLE in size – says Texas Brine

  1. And time you got a body of water like that the bigger the wave come.
    More gravitational effects
    body of water larger than a puddle more seismic disturbance in a large body of water.
    Earthquake can make huge waves

  2. “the good news is it is moving in a southwest pattern” – Cartwright & United Brine really need to revise the definition of ‘good news’.

    Moving to the south west is NOT GOOD NEWS, it really wouldn’t take much in the way of movement for it to intersect the Bayou. When that happens, not only is the cat out of the bag, but the cat has ‘nicked’ the bag & has embarked on a life of crime & debauchery.

    Just how Cartwright & Co. can see the pollution of the greater mass of waterways & communities between Bayou Corne & the sea as ‘Good News’ is beyond me.

    What would be ‘Good News’ would be if it moved north instead.

    Lets face it, the community has been decimated, the houses if not demolished should be left uninhabited. I know it seems harsh, but who is going to want to live next to a monster that may at any time throw a tantrum & swallow everything around it, including them.

    And Hwy 70, while at the moment still operational at the moment, is under sentence of death, by the very same monster that threatens Bayou Corne.


    The last time I looked the last two bites that Lake Fubar took where to the Northeast, though maybe I’ve missed a few events.

    Is it possible that Cartwright & CO. are somewhat behind the times ???

    • They ought to read this blog.

      Also … the plan for re-route of hwy 70 is a little short sighted in my opinion. It’s a ‘good route’ for emergency re-direct but if they move 70 by a block or 2 the detour will just crumble in like 70 will.

  3. Can anybody overlay the salt dome contour lines with the current overhead sinkhole image?

    TB says its spreading SW, images show it nibbling its way northish, whilst images show the lake to be semicircular.

    Is the truth that now the natural barrier to the salt has been breached it’s actually spreading around the edges? In time becoming more and more banana shaped?

    • Maybe it’s the Sinkhole lake version of Bi-sexual, it likes to go both ways…

      To the south west, to meet the bayou, and from there south to the sea and freedom.

      Or to the north east, making a bee-line for Crosstex’s fun-factory of horrors just the other side of Hwy 70.


      Though the thing that puzzles me the most (*) is the fact that the north eastern edge of the sinkhole appeared to be off limits when they did the survey (**)

      (*) If I was a person given to being suspicious of prats like TB & Co. ( which I am ) I’d suspect that that area was surveyed, and that the results where not to their liking at all.

      Now as to what these hypothetical results could be that would make the PRATS need a change of underwear, I can only guess.

      Maybe it was something like…

      They did the test with the plumb-line, and it went down further than expected, a lot further.

      (**) Assumption Parish Police Jury

      October 3, 2013
      8:25 a.m. September Sinkhole Survey
      Click here to access the sinkhole survey from September.

      Please note that low water and safety restrictions did not allow surveying in the eastern portion of the sinkhole.

      • I thought it said sometime ago that the bayous and swamp rise and fall seasonally. But I don’t know if they mean that or if water is gushing into a salt dome below.

      • yes, yes and yes.
        On Wed. News the bottom vid

        shows all these science tools not being used to look at the sinkhole.

    • I will try to do this. I ahve made the outer line bigger on the survey map and will try and get a new aerial picture to draw over it.
      I think there may be one in one of the recent CB&I presentations.
      I have a pretty old one from Sept. but the sinkhole is bigger now …

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