On Methane for Power Production

LINK –  http://youtu.be/6z8nbIuPvrk


5 thoughts on “On Methane for Power Production

  1. I think there doing this now Convert gaseous waste products (flare gas) into valuable fuel oils

    Turning Carbon Dioxide and Methane into Liquid Fuels
    Converting Natural and Methane Gases Directly into Liquids
    Bacteria Turn Coal and Oil Into Renewable Energy
    Biotech Bacteria Could Convert Methane to Liquid Diesel
    I think they can turn methane hydrate into natural gas or oil now or is it a another Disaster in the Making with Methane Hydrates.

    • I didn’t read at each link you posted, Walter. Do they name the bacteria being used, what its effects are on humans/other life or what happens to it…how it is destroyed or contained?

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