Thursday News & Storm Watch Friday Updates


WAFB – Tropical Storm Karen maintains strength in southern Gulf

Tropical Storm KAREN Public Advisory < time to pay attention to the weather reports

Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA

GOHSEP info for emergency preparedness


WSJ – BP Shutting In Oil, Gas Production in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Evacuations ordered as Tropical Storm Karen nears U.S. coast
WWLTV – Karen’s expected to take sharp turn east once near La.

WAFB – Tropical Storm Karen slows, heads for central Gulf Coast < MAP  – Gulf satellite

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The Parish Blog has a survey for Sept.

Compare the picture they used for the drawing, an aerial photo from JUNE 11, to last week’s aerial photo taken by On Wings of Care (upper left). They were taken SEPT. 26. Here is their drawing with the outer edge enhanced –

Survey920annotated < CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE

The Parish Blog has an update from Conservation. No mention of preparations for a tropical storm or heavy rains.

Before Its News – LA Sinkhole Now Size Of 20 Football Fields

The BP trial is covered LIVE by the New Orleans Times-Picayune

Gulf Restoration Network – Bird’s Eye View: Outrageous Dirty Secret They Don’t Want You To See

” . . . While flying over and around coal terminals in southern Plaquemines Parish, I asked myself what happens when a hurricane comes up the river and slams its winds and storm surge into these huge mountains of dirty coal.”

MORE on the storm impact on the Gulf of Mexico at Real Coastal Warriors

LEAN – Oil and Gas Leaks in the Gulf – Business as Usual

Dublinsmick sent this link – Before Its News – Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life

PETITION: Why is the Gulf still at risk from oil spills?
Help prevent the next Deepwater Horizon


North West:  New website tracks tar sands shipments to West Coast

Activists fighting an oil sands pipeline project on the West Coast have come up with a novel way to grab the public’s attention.
On Tuesday, they launched a website that tracks tanker ships bringing diluted bitumen from the oil sands to refineries in California and Washington state. The site will even alert you when a “tar sands tanker” sails into your area. . . .

(9-30) University of Tennessee professor to investigate mysterious clams key to biodiversity

” . . . Lucinids [clams] play a key role in detoxifying coastal environments for other creatures such as fish, crabs and manatees. They do this through a process called chemosymbiosis, a form of symbiosis in which a bacterium provides chemically derived energy and nutrients to a higher organism. Lucinids have bacteria that live within their gills and allows them to convert toxic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide—a neurotoxin to humans—into less toxic versions such as sulfate.”

We were wondering what Aussie company Grand Gulf Energy is up to. Here’s what: Grand Gulf Energy flowing 390 barrels of oil per day from Louisiana well

” . . . .shares are set to rise with the company flowing 390 barrels of oil per day from the Hensarling-1 well in at the Desiree Project in Louisiana after placing it on jet pump.”

(10-4) Report: Fracking Creates Billions Of Gallons Of Toxic — Sometimes Radioactive — Byproduct

Feds scramble to respond to Gulf storm during government shutdown


17 thoughts on “Thursday News & Storm Watch Friday Updates

    • If it goes so will the Long Valley Caldera, another Super-volcano, that and practically every other volcano on the west coast.

      I hate to say it ( actually I don’t 😉 ), but that US Navy map of the future USA, is looking more & more possible.

      • Good grief, davidh7426, does your msg mean that you’d rather the doom-sayers be right and millions of lives lost/changed forever than be wrong and have to focus on making positive changes in our world, starting with yourself? I guess it’s easier to sit at a computer and complain than it is to act – wink wink

      • No Baymuse it doesn’t…

        I hope, I truly hope that it doesn’t happen, that it’s all just a global ‘false alarm’ that 10, 15, 20 years from now we can all have a good laugh about.

        But while I hope their wrong, I fear that they’re right.

        And that fear tears me apart because as you point out, I am sat at a computer, in the UK in fact, in a twee little town called Stockport in the North west of England.

        And the fact that should these events occur, it won’t just affect America. But will to some extent be global in scope, it leaves me with the fear that I will be unable to safeguard those that I love and hold close to my heart, which is actually those millions that you mentioned, though the figure should actually be billions.

        I am making plans to do what I can, but in the scale of such a potential catastrophe there is little that any of us can do except study, learn & make tentative plans to save what we can.

        But your correct, it is easy to sit at a computer, and complain, than it is to act.

        I tend to use levity when I can, if only for my own somewhat precarious sanity. My humour ( such as it is ) usually has all the floatability of a lead balloon 😦

        So that brings me to TWO VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS –

        1 – What’s your favourite colour ?? – Mine’s green 😉

        2 – Just what are you doing to safeguard your little corner of humanity ??

  1. Strange, very strange…green is your favorite color? Why does that sound like a jab at folks who are truly, truly concerned about our earth, not just for those of us living here now, but generations to come?

    • It isn’t Mittens, I just, prefer green.

      Trees, plants, wild ones, I can’t stand gardens, or ornamental Parks, they make my teeth itch.

      I’m happiest in the woods, near the rivers & streams, away from mankind ( sorry, but they’re not my favorite species at the moment ).

      Im not really taking a jab at anyone mittens.

  2. Hi davidh – I really appreciate your response. Very well said. Thank you.

    Many of us feel deeply connected to Mother Earth & have histories of environmental protection work. Frankly, I’m enraged that when so many of us finally resorted to blocking roads & risking arrest to stop nuclear monstrosities from being built, the majority of people remained complacent. And now our Dr. Helen Caldicott-educated warnings from back then have materialized. And believe me, there’s absolutely no upside to being right.

    Each of us is going to die someday and no one can affect certain ‘acts of nature’ but we should be able to educate & move our species towards planetary healing. (These last 6 words are deceiving – they represent tons of work & sacrifice.) I’m hoping this site & others help. This technology was not widely available before.

    I love your question “…what are
    you doing to safeguard your little corner of humanity?” I can answer that 2 other people & I spearheaded a movement that protected hundreds of acres of forest lands uphill from a drinking water reservoir from being converted to a 120 mcmansion development. It took 3 years. Now we’re working to get more local environmentalists elected.

    My favorite color these days is burgundy.

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