Helicorders Super Active Sunday Afternoon

Code 2 may want to be Code 3 by now.




LO! Texas Brine  has home buy out news!

There are largish quakes in Central America, more on the Pacific side than the Gul sidef, but they may impact the helicorders.


15 thoughts on “Helicorders Super Active Sunday Afternoon

  1. This question is just to ‘scratch an itch’ that I have…


    You have two caverns in a ‘saltdome’ that are adjacent to each other…

    Cavern A is under pressure and is used to store liquefied gas.

    Cavern B is filled with brine, but has had a catastrophic failure, and is now partially connected to the outside world.

    A situation just like Lake Fubar.

    Caverns A & B are close enough that a series of ‘small’ cracks where able to form between them, cracks that would allow the ‘liquefied gas’ in Cavern A to SLOWLY seep into Cavern B.

    The lower pressure within Cavern B allows the ‘liquefied gas’ to expand and return to a gaseous state i.e. BUBBLES. Rather like the bubbles you get when you open a bottle of carbonated liquid, and in doing so decrease the pressure.

    So, my question is…

    Just what would the bubbles look like on helicorders ??

    Like a continuous FIZZING perhaps, such as that seen on LA 12 today ??

  2. Perhaps an outdoor spa extension would be a better analogy. Expanding with more jets with Mother Nature opening the existing jets wider for good measure. Lake FUBAR aka Spa TARFU

  3. “Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” (Macbeth) seems apt given comments on lake FUBAR (cauldron) may double (double, double … trouble.) in size, TB toil (but not hard enough – double, double toil), the flaring (fire burn) and bubbling (cauldron bubble). Oh we’ll back to my Bible code, Nostradamus, Tarot Cards, Crystal ball, entrails and other such sophisticated diagnostic tools to understand what’s next. At least we know why (greed) and how (lack of consideration in the haste to satisfy that greed) the situation arrived.
    Oh yes then should we really be worried ( “To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous [aka TBTB which includes TB] fortune, Or to take arms against a sea [lake FUBAR] of troubles, And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep; …” – Hamlet)?
    Nah the entrails ( aka Beforeitsnews, theextinctionprotocol2012, St Malachi prophecy, …) seem to indicate the trouble lake FUBAR is causing will pale in comparison shortly to what else is around the corner (ok or overhead comet ISON).
    Cheer up, things could be worse (so I cheered up and sure enough things got worse). Ahh back to The Secret (the law of attraction) think positive – those responsible sue for bankruptcy/loose office, lake FUBAR settles down ( renamed lake SPArta – where despite the odds, greed was stopped by a valiant few) and becomes a tourist attraction, people are allowed to return to their homes and the land values skyrocket (the owners thank TBTB they were not bought out), movies are made bringing more income and superstars. Louisiana now has a large natural SPA(rta – real terrific/tourist attraction).

    • and Louisiana has a new flip-this-house show about the bayou. . . Like a ‘Day of the Locust’ for the Gulf coast. . .

  4. In the TB buyout news
    “A lawn maintenance program has been established for those properties that have been acquired”

    I’m sure the remaining residents number one priority is that their vacated neighbours grass looks well trimmed!

    Good grief!! You just couldn’t make this sort of nonsense up.

    • I think the state officials are beginning to be embarassed by the international press showing photos of delapidated abandoned homes and shaggy lawns.
      It is starting to look too much like abandoned Chernobyl.

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