Very Shaky Underground Mon. & Tues.


Something terrific in magnitudefrowny2   happed after 2:30 A.M. Tuesday.



The Parish Blog says they are back to CODE 1. They waited til Tuesday to post Monday news. And they have some add-ons. . .


The EPA told residents from Mossville, Louisiana who complained about the effects of creosote contaminating the air they breathe and the water they drink to go to He11.


6 thoughts on “Very Shaky Underground Mon. & Tues.

  1. If you mean that blue spike at 2.43 CDT i was looking at that this morning, it shows up on every single recorder can even just make it out on LA 15 (that Heli needs serious adjusting). No EQ’s tally up.

  2. A wee bit

    But seriously not sure what to make of this line from the Parish Blog

    – Clearing bore of Water Well 2 (Oxy 2 well pad)


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