The Doomsday Project and Louisiana Resources for It

You know what happens when there’s no news about the Texas Brine disaster. We go fishin’.

Today we were looking at this article on the parent blog – The Doomsday Project and Deep Events. It has to do with spooks and ultra-right-wing elements in US government who planned the continuity of government (COG) schemes as a cover for expanding their power. Midway though the article it says-

” . . . in 1988 its aim was significantly enlarged: no longer to prepare for an atomic attack, but now to plan for the effective suspension of the American constitution in the face of any emergency. This change in 1988 allowed COG to be implemented in 2001. By this time the Doomsday Project had developed into what the Washington Post called “a shadow government that evolved based on long-standing ‘continuity of operations plans.’”

So we figure with these FEMA operated concentration camps-at-the-ready (not an internet rumor), we’d look up the facilities in Louisiana. That Navy map may be a hypothetical idea with no big foundation or maybe not. If ‘not’ they would need all this spook stuff like the Doomsday Project entails. Here’s Louisiana’s part in it –

  • Fort Polk
  • a place in Oakdale
  • and 2 detention centers just south of Ft. Polk.

From –     (page 11).

Maybe some enterprising videographer can check out those spots and the rail and road connections to them.

More on the idea of the New Madrid Fault Zone having a disaster that makes the Mississippi River widen –

LINK – < Al Bielek might be a  phoney but the idea of a bisected US is talked about in many forums.



9 thoughts on “The Doomsday Project and Louisiana Resources for It

  1. Education Camps For Corrupt Politicians how to cook books, debt hiding, accounting tricks , secret to bail yourself out , break the law don’t pay the crime.

  2. Do not agree with derogatory labels that the PTB put in our language to further devide us. ‘Ultra right wing elements’ should be the ultra rich elite who rule and are destroying this world. They have further deceived us by putting their puppets in charge of whatever party is in leading the current tyrany!

  3. Here’s an explanation in this video for the causes of a future US map similar to the US Navy map. The audio begins at about 1:30 into the video.

    Watch “Future Map of North America By Gordon Michael Scallion” on YouTube

  4. Hopefully, this is nothing, but 900 Michigan National Guard have been called to report to their stations tomorrow. A friend told me tonite that her grandson who is in Special Forces with the Army told her they are all being put on “lock down” for the month of October. She wasn’t sure what that meant, but she’s real worried…..

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