Guatemala Volcano (S.W. of Gulf) Snortin’ and Steaming

Fuego Volcano (MAP) has new explosions. Today:

In the past hours, activity has increased and might be heading towards another paroxysm. The frequency and size of explosions rose significantly and has been creating an ash plume about 1 km high and drifting 8 miles south and southwest. Many of the explosions generate shock waves, rattling roofs and windows of houses in the villages Panimaché, Morelia and Panimaché II. Constant degassing produces locomotive-like sounds and incandescent material ejected from strombolian activity reaches 125-200 m height and produces avalanches on the upper slopes. The lava effusion increased as well starting at 05:15 local time, and the flow towards Trinidad canyon reaches now 400 meters in length, generating avalanches. A second flow has started to move towards Ceniza canyon and avalanches from it reach 800 m length.”

It is closer to the Pacific than to the Gulf of Mexico but it could set off helicorders in Bayou Corne.

More on Volcán de Fuego.   LIVE CAM

Film from yesterday



7 thoughts on “Guatemala Volcano (S.W. of Gulf) Snortin’ and Steaming

  1. 4.5 EQ off east coast Florida. Of course, the USGS has shutdown many operations due to the closing of the US government. Guess we will have to use the better data from the site, or And the information might just be better and less sanitized! Has the administration considered we may not WANT them to come back on line unless they improve?
    Because the US government is not dependable in this kind of situation, best we find alternative sources for our information. Guess that shutdown extraneous websites/data feeds in this case, could save dollars? Wish I did not have the feeling its done to make the taxpayer FEEL pain on purpose. Think the politicos are hurting? Cut off their salaries, fire their staff, chase them all out of DC!!!

  2. At least we are keeping watch. Not sure what can be done, but I do know my first call out will be to my family members if they are in an area of concern! Do have an HF radio system at home, with battery/genset backup, so can reach out long distance..without a landline phone or cell. Use it for East Coast relays and keep an eye out on radio nets and situations, volunteer as well in emergencies.

    • I try and watch the south half of the Gulf of Mexico area as some of that seems to show on the helicorders (and some doesn’t). Also … I am suprised these larger events in and near the Gulf (on the south part) don
      t set off an earthquake in the north half of the Gulf.
      So far no effect at all that I can see.

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